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Saints 2019 draft class given B- grade by SB Nation

Our parent site, SB Nation, gives the Saints a B- for their 2019 draft class.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints didn’t have a lot of draft capital in the 2019 NFL Draft, but the Saints tried to make the most of the few picks they did have in the earlier rounds. With that in mind, that is part of the reason SB Nation gave the Saints a B- grade for their picks:

Whether it was Max Unger or Jeff Faine, the Saints always seem to have good, smart centers. So when Unger retired, it was evident that they needed one. That’s why they moved up to land Erik McCoy with a second-round pick.

In the fourth round, the Saints moved up to take Florida defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, a player some thought could be taken in the first round. He was arguably the best player available at No. 105.

Light on draft picks, there’s not much impact after McCoy and Gardner-Johnson, though those two are great picks.

Grade: B-

In case you’re curious, across the NFC South, it’s not like the rest of the division fared much better. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were given an identical B- grade, while the Carolina Panthers were viewed slightly better, at B+. Surprisingly - or not - although part of the reason that the Saints were dinged on their grade was their lack of picks and no picks in the first round, the Atlanta Falcons, a team that picked twice in the first round after a late trade, were given a worse grade, a C+, by SB Nation.