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Colin Cowherd enjoys being wrong

How could he not have the Saints in his Top 10 ranking?

41st Annual Gracie Awards Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Alliance for Women in Media

We’ve seen one post-draft ranking that has the New Orleans Saints atop the NFL. It seems like a fair opinion considering the Saints were a single blown call away from representing the NFC in the Super Bowl and their roster has largely stayed the same (and appears to have improved in the places the roster is different).

But it’s not the only opinion out there. People have a right to be wrong as well. And Colin Cowherd of FS1 wants to make sure he exercises that right.

Cowherd released his Top 10 rankings of NFL teams post-draft, and not only were the Saints not #1, the Saints didn’t even make the list.

“Who did?” you might ask. Here’s the full list.

10. Dallas Cowboys 9. San Francisco 49ers 8. Los Angeles Chargers 7. Kansas City Chiefs 6. Green Bay Packers 5. Pittsburgh Steelers 4. Philadelphia Eagles 3. Los Angeles Rams 2. Indianapolis Colts 1. New England Patriots

For those keeping score, the top team is the reining Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots that have Tom Brady returning for another year at quarterback. Fine.

Then it gets dicey to say the least.

Second is a team that couldn’t reach the AFC Championship, the Indianapolis Colts. The Rams, a team the Saints should have beaten in the playoffs but for that call - and a team the Saints did beat in the playoffs, come in at third. The Philadelphia Eagles are next, a team the Saints beat twice in 2018, once in the playoffs and once in the regular season. The Steelers, who failed to reach the playoffs in 2018 and lost Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown this offseason, are fourth.

I could go on, but you get the point.

To not have the Saints anywhere in the Top 10 in the NFL right now is inexcusable. For teams like the Colts, 49ers, and Eagles to be ranked ahead is simply laughable.