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What is the best Saints nickname in history?

There have been a lot of good ones.

NFC Championship: New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints and their players have had a lot of great nicknames in franchise history. But which is the best?

Interestingly, Yahoo! Sports recently published a piece on the most memorable nicknames in NFL history - both for teams and players - and the first nickname referenced is an old term of endearment for the Saints, “the ‘Aints.”

‘’Aints’’ - Refers to the struggles of the woeful New Orleans Saints in the 1980 season when they were the first team to finish 1-15 in a season. Fans registered their disgust by wearing paper bags over their heads at the games. But the name also refers in general to the team’s struggles for most of its first 30 years.

Of note, the Yahoo! piece also includes nicknames for players (like “Megatron” for Calvin Johnson) and even groups of players (like the “Legion of Boom” for the Seattle Seahawks secondary of the early 2010s). But there are no other Saints nicknames listed, despite there being plenty of good options.

The first that comes to mind would be the Dome Patrol, the name for the New Orleans Saints linebackers in the 1990s, consisting primarily of Rickey Jackson, Sam Mills, and Pat Swilling.

For individual names, the Saints have a solid pair in Joe “Hollywood” Horn, given his nickname for his diva-esque personality, and Bobby Hebert, who embraced his “Cajun Cannon” nickname to the point he’s even adopted it as a name for a restaurant.

Then there are unofficial nicknames that have come and gone over the years. “Legatron” for Thomas Morstead. Marquest Colston, “the Quiet Storm.” Or even some of the nicknames given to Taysom Hill last year, like “the Mormon Missile” or “Tay-some ‘o deez.”

But what says you, Who Dat Nation? What is your favorite Saints nickname? Do you have an unofficial nickname for a Saints player? Tell us in the comments. Send me presents.