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Cam Jordan weighs in on 18-game NFL season proposal, Madden rating, new P.I. replay rules

Cam Jordan had plenty to say on The Rich Eisen Show on Monday.

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

We’re in the calm before the storm that is NFL Training Camp, and it’s about time for us to get back to football. On Monday’s showing of The Rich Eisen Show, New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan spoke about his Madden NFL 20 rating, the league’s 18-game proposal, and the new instant replay rules. The video is below on YouTube, courtesy of of AT&T AUDIENCE Network.

Jordan wasn’t too happy with his Madden rating, which came in at 91 overall. It was only the ninth-highest among all defensive linemen. Jordan tied with Cincinnati’s Geno Atkins and Cleveland’s Myles Garrett, with Baltimore’s Michael Pierce (92), Jacksonville’s Calais Campbell (92,), Detroit’s Damon Harrison (95), Philadelphia’s Fletcher Cox (96), Houston’s J.J. Watt (97), and Los Angeles RamsAaron Donald (99) all being ahead of him.

Jordan called Donald “great”, while referring to Watt as “Captain America” and Cox as “a force”. After that, it was an interesting reaction. Jordan didn’t appear to be familiar with Michael Pierce, as he said he knew 9 out of the 10 players listed. However, he did tip his hat to Terrell Suggs and his tutelage.

Regarding the new pass interference rules, Eisen was direct in asking Jordan about how the season ended. Jordan responded with, “If anything, I’m always focused on just this next stop. Because of the way it ended, it’s like I don’t even want to focus on how it ended. I want to focus on how to be better.”

Jordan added that he wants finish every game like the way to Saints played against the Cowboys to put it on the defense and get the ball back to give the offense another opportunity. Eisen explained the process put forth by Senior Vice President of Officiating Al Riveron, to which Jordan inquired about the Chris Jones hit on Tom Brady as to whether it would be reviewable or not. It’s not.

Jordan added, “Out of evolution of the game, you’re have an outcome that’s going to happen. When you have something like what finished our game, you could hope that there could be a review situation. You figure you’ve got the best referees on the field who are going to make the best calls, and when they don’t that’s where scrutiny comes. And now you’re taking it to a higher power. Hopefully that higher power is correct.”

Regarding the 18-game NFL schedule that was proposed by the owners, Jordan’s immediate response was probably how most players would react.

“How would that even work?” Jordan asked.

“So, people come to a game to watch Drew Brees throw to Michael Thomas, watch AK (Alvin Kamara) take off from the backfield or catch out of the backfield, uprising stars to play. You’ve got starters that are only going to play for 16 games, how’s that going to work?” Jordan added.

“As a competitor, as a ultimate competitor, I never want to be off the field. So, you’re not going to tell me I’m going to be out of a game, especially when I have my brothers that we’re fixing to go through training camp with, or people that you you bleed, sweat, and win with. You’re not going to tell me I’m going to be out for two whole games. It’s not going to happen.”

Jordan’s thought process centered around the logistics and compensation, especially pointing out how someone would choose what weeks to be off. Eisen added that quarterbacks may not be exempt since they are already protected. Jordan quickly stated that Drew Brees would throw for 6,000 yards instead of 5,000 yards.

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