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Reviewing Michael Thomas’ Big Pay-Day | Saints Training Camp Week 1 Darlings [Podcast]

Michael Thomas gets paid: How it effects the Saints long term.

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Thomas gets paid: How it effects the Saints long term.

With the 5/100 Million (including max incentives) contract and Thomas now locked in to New Orleans through 2024, does this hinder their ability to sign future players? Also, how was the contract structured? Previous contracts have made it difficult to bring in free agents and the guys discuss if the Saints managed to avoid that this time around.

Also, Drew Brees finishes at #2 in the NFL top 100 for the second time. Is this foreshadowing of some type?

Time Stamps

2:00 - Saints News

5:00 - Payton gives props to certain players

9:30 - Terron Armstead on pitch count

15:00 - Sponsors

17:00 - Should Saints have waited to pay Michael Thomas?

28:30 - Drew Brees finishes #2 in Top 100

33:00 - Fan QnA

Thought for the Day -

Life is perfect just the way it is. What may seem like a hindrance at the time could actually be a blessing in disguise that allows you to avoid an unintended mishap. Rethink the moments you perceive as a waste of time!

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