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Canal Street Chronicles is looking for podcasters

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Join our team and cover the Saints with us!

NFL: NFC Championship Game-Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Football season is nearly here, and we’re looking to add some podcasters to our team to help us cover the Saints this season and beyond.

If you’re reading this, we’re assuming you love the Saints and the community we’ve built here at Canal Street Chronicles. Keep reading to find out if this is the perfect fit for you.

What does the role entail?

We’re building our Canal Street Chronicles podcast in the model of our site: A place to go to every day for the latest news, opinions, and insight. A place with a diverse range of voices that each cover the team in their own, unique way.

That means that we’re looking for more than one show for the Canal Street Chronicles podcast (and more than one show for all of SB Nation’s team brand podcasts.)

We’re looking for people who can help Canal Street Chronicles take podcasting to the next level. That means people who want to bring their shows to Canal Street Chronicles, or who can demonstrate their ability to build a show about the Saints.

And right now, the spots are open. Whether you want to do previews, recaps, deep analysis, or something weird and uniquely for the Canal Street Chronicles community, it makes sense to get in on the ground floor. We don’t have room for an infinite number of shows.

What qualifications should you have?

  • Have a passion for the New Orleans Saints.
  • Ideally already enjoy reading, commenting, and participating in the Canal Street Chronicles community.
  • Have experience recording, editing, and producing podcasts.
  • Are self-starters and comfortable meeting deadlines.
  • Have a vision for how to carve out a special space in Canal Street Chronicles’ podcast lineup.

How do you apply?

To apply, please submit a cover letter explaining why you’re the best fit for the role, a resume detailing any previous podcasting experience, and a podcast sample. You must submit all three items via the Vox Media careers page to be considered for this opportunity.

If you have questions about this role or the application process, reach out to SB Nation’s Senior Talent Manager for Team Brands, Jeanna Thomas, at

Canal Street Chronicles and SB Nation are committed to bringing you coverage of the Saints from a diverse array of voices and perspectives. If your qualifications and experience do not perfectly align with every single thing we’re looking for, but you believe you have the potential to thrive in this role, we encourage you to apply.