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Saints sign veteran LB Will Compton in wake of Craig Robertson injury

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Is Will Compton’s signing a telling tale about the significance of Craig Robertson’s injury?

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Tennessee Titans The Tennessean-USA TODAY NETWORK

Injuries and replacements are as big of a part of the NFL as any other component. Sometimes the team who’s holding trophies in January and February isn’t just the most talented, they also may have just been the healthiest.

The New Orleans Saints have balanced both acts of talent and health very well for the most part throughout training camp and their first two preseason games minus a few injuries appearing to be minor.

But that luck may have started to diminish slightly as New Orleans has a few fresh linebacker health concerns attend to. According to several reports, the Saints have countered by signing six-year veteran Wil Compton.

Compton spent last season with the Tennessee Titans starting two games and playing valuable roles on special teams. Prior to Tennessee, the former Nebraska alumni spent five seasons with the Washington Redskins starting 33 games and totaling over 150 tackles.

Compton’s arrival seems to be a depth singing as linebacker Alex Anzalone is reportedly dealing with a shoulder injury that has kept him sidelined for over a week.

Veteran backup also Craig Roberson joined him Sunday and according to Deuce McAllister ““felt like he heard something pop.”

While Anzalone’s return could be soon according to ESPN’s Mike Triplet , Robertson’s full ailment is unknown to the public. The Saints are historically tight lipped when it comes to details on injuries and we shouldn’t expect this situation to be any different.

With the long awaited ““dress rehearsal” preseason game shortly upon us, Compton’s role if any, should be monitored as we wait for news on Robertson and Anzalone’s return. In the meantime expect rookie Kaden Elliss to continue receiving valuable snaps.