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Saints players have a little fun with new Madden release

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Everybody’s a critic.

Bud Light Hotel Brings Good Times To NOLA For Super Bowl XLVII - EA Sports Madden Bowl XIX Party Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Bud Light

The new Madden 2020 football game has released, and with it, the official Madden ratings for all players across the NFL. This just gives another moment for NFL talking heads to compare the ratings given to different players. Here are Madden’s 2020 quarterback ratings ranked:

Drew Brees at 92, especially behind Philip Rivers at 94, didn’t sit well with some.

Here are some of the Saints’ individual player ratings:

Michael Thomas and Drew Brees lead the pack, but of note, Saints’ new long snapper Zach Wood is the team’s - and the entire NFL’s - lowest rated player. He took to the field to show why he should get a ratings boost.

The Saints quarterbacks took Zach’s sharpshooting to another level, using cases of the game as makeshift “skeet” in the newest round of the Saints QB Challenge. No spoilers for the winner. Watch yourself: