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5 Questions for the Saints in Week 3

Here’s what I’m looking for on Sunday.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to a new series piece for 2019. Before each game, I’ll point out the five questions I have for the team that I’ll be looking out for in the upcoming game.

In Week 3, the New Orleans Saints are staying out West to face Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks in what is likely Teddy Bridgewater’s first NFL start in over three years. Here are the biggest questions I have for the team:

  1. How often will the Saints deploy Taysom Hill? Sean Payton has already alluded to the fact that he could deploy Taysom and Teddy interchangeably, but is that just posturing to try to make the Seahawks prepare for two different quarterbacks and two different styles of play?
  2. Can Jared Cook step up? Jared Cook has had a rough case of the dropsies of late. The Saints can’t afford to make mistakes while Drew Brees is out.
  3. Can Alvin Kamara still find running room? If opposing defenses aren’t afraid of Teddy Bridgewater as a passer, they might end up stacking the box to stop Alvin Kamara. It will be interesting to see how productive Kamara can be in the New Orleans offense without the benefit of a future Hall of Famer at quarterback.
  4. Can Marshon Lattimore rebound? The Saints defense will clearly have to step up their game in the absence of Drew Brees. Most notably, Marshon Lattimore will need to return to his rookie lockdown ways, because if Tyler Lockett has a big game against Lattimore, that is a sure sign of doom moving forward.
  5. Will we see Sheldon Rankins? After tearing his Achilles late last season, can this week see the loss of Drew partially offset by the return of one of their key players on defense?

So those are the things I’m looking at in the game. What about you? What are you looking at specifically in this game? Something different? Tell me in the comments. Send me presents.