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FanPulse: Saints fans confidence circling the drain heading into Week 3

This is hardly shocking.

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NFL: New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been an interesting week for the New Orleans Saints, to say the very least. That energy is felt in this week’s FanPulse, which solicited fans around their confidence levels heading into Week 3’s matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. It’s not good. This week’s national question asked which head coach would be fired first this NFL season, and congratulations goes out to Jay Gruden and the Washington Redskins. Ron Rivera may get a pass if Cam Newton is out, but if things don’t end respectably, another losing season could do him in.

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Current Confidence Level - 33% (previously 96%)

This is incredible, to say the least. Naturally, it’s hard to remain super confident when Drew Brees is out of the equation for the next several weeks. The prognosis of him having his procedure is reason to stay optimistic for the back half of the season, however, according to Michelle G. Carlson, MD, a hand and upper extremity surgeon at The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. Per Dr. Carlson, who did not personally treat or see Brees, the injury is very common and long-term results after repair of the ligament are excellent.

The UCL is a ligament that runs from bone to bone at the base of the thumb where it joins the hand. It is responsible for keeping the joint in place when you push against your thumb in grip and pinch like opening a jar or throwing a football. When pinching or gripping when this ligament has been injured, it will feel like your thumb will dislocate and you may not have the ability to put enough pressure on the ball to hold it. There are levels of injury from partial to complete and these have different implications for the necessity and timing of surgery.

Brees ultimately saw a second opinion on his thumb, which Carlson believes that it would have led to Brees not fixing it and having a difficult time controlling the football.

“Best case is return to play in five weeks essentially normal. Worst case - the ligament repair fails and he needs a repeat surgery. This would still have a high likelihood of having a good long term result,” Carlson said.

Historical Outlook

  • Week 2 - 33%
  • Week 1 - 95%
  • Preseason Week 1 - 93%
  • Post-draft - 96%
  • Pre-draft - 96%
  • Free agency - 96%
  • End of season - 100%

NFC South Confidence Levels

The Panthers are on the brink of having no optimism.