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Saints 20 Seahawks 7, 2nd Half Thread

Defense, special teams and offense all score in the first half.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Saints win the toss and defer. Seahawks start at their 25 and go 3 and out.

Saints special teamer Deonte Harris returns the punt for the score. Saints go up 7-0.

Seahawks start at the 25. On the next drive the Saints 3rd and long woes continue. Seattle picks up 29 yards and a first down. Defense holds and Seahawks punt.

Saints start under Teddy Bridgewater at the 10. Two offensive penalties negate a good start by Teddy Bridgewater and the Saint punt.

Seattle starts at their 36. On 3rd and long Russell Wilson completes to Tyler Lockett for 32. Then a 16 yard run to the 11. Russell completes to Tyler Lockett in the endzone for the TD.

Saints start at the 33 after a nice return by Harris. Alvin Kamara for 9 yards and then 3 more and a 1st down. Another holding penalty negates a nice play and backs them up 10. Then a false start for 5 more. Kamara picks up 4 then a dangerous throw by Bridgewater and the Saints punt again.

Seahawks start at the 2. Seattle has to waste a timeout because they had 12 men on the field. On 3rd and 1 Wilson keeps it and picks up the 1st. Defense hold and Seattle punts.

Saints start at the 20. Offense is all Kamara so far. Two plays a first down. Alvin picks up 7 the Latavius Murray for no gain. Taysom Hill in. Hands off to Kamara for 1. Saints punt.

Seattle starts at the 4. Thanks to special teams we are still in this game. Seahawks fumble and Vonn Bell scores a TD. Will Lutz misses the extra point. Rain making things slippery I guess. Saints up 13-7.

Seahawks start at the 32. Rush for 5 then a false start backs them up 5. Screen for a loss of 1. On 3rd and 11 Wilson escapes for 18. 1st down. Wilson rushes for nine. D holds. Seattle goes for it on 4th and short and is denied. Saints ball at their 42. Ted Ginn Jr. picks up 5. incomplete. 3rd and 5. Michael thomas picks up the 1st down on a 13 yard reception. Jared Cook with the 7 yard reception. Check down to Kamara for the 1st. Incomplete out of bounds.

Screen to Kamara for the 29 yard touchdown. Saints up 20-7. 33 seconds to the half.

Seahawks get the ball at the 21. Wilson make a beautiful pass but the clock runs out. Haftime. 20-7 Saints.