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How many wins will the New Orleans Saints have in 2019?

Curious to see where people’s heads were at, I polled the Twitter universe around where the Saints finish in 2019.

Miami Dolphins v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Don’t call it a season preview or season prediction, but rather a question to reflect on regarding the New Orleans Saints in 2019. How many wins will the black and gold have in the regular season? I took to Twitter to get some thoughts regarding this, and the results were pretty one-sided. Let’s take a further look at why or why not they may be realistic.

14-16 wins

In a perfect world, the Saints don’t care about how the NFC Championship game went and come out with a chip on their shoulder and show it against every opponent they face this season. Fellow contributor Chris Dunnells even wrote about this, talking about why Sean Payton and company should run the score against every team in 2019. This sounds fantastic, because on the surface, Drew Brees might actually get that coveted MVP award that’s eluded him for his entire career. However, it might be the most Drew Brees thing ever to see someone like Alvin Kamara take that from him, because he’s just as important to the Saints offense.

In a real world, we’re talking about the Saints going on a tear to only lose one game in the first 15 contests and presumably sitting their starters for the finale against the Panthers. Injuries are going to happen, and the competition is pretty stiff this season facing the NFC West and AFC South. Could it happen? Sure. The Panthers did it not so long ago. Will it happen? Let’s see how things go to start the season.

10-13 wins

The consensus voted between 11-13 wins, which I believe sounds right. In my season preview with SB Nation recently, I picked the Saints to go 11-5. The Falcons and Panthers should be better, which means the race to the NFC South crown will prove to be a lot more interesting this year. I could see a 10-6 record being the best-case scenario for a team to win the division, but it’s hard to see this New Orleans team coming in at 9-7 or having a repeat 13-3 campaign.

Anything 9 wins or under

When you look at the schedule the Saints have, what seven opponents would you have them losing to that are better or see them flat out flopping against? Unlike recent years, the Saints have several of their key games in prime time at home, and that isn’t including ones that could likely get flex treatment from the NFL down the line. The month of September is arguably the toughest stretch the Saints have on the schedule, with the other coming in the month of November when New Orleans takes on the NFC South.

All that being said, anything 9 wins and under for Sean Payton’s squad could be viewed as a major regression. They wouldn’t control their own destiny, and it likely would mean the Falcons or Panthers hold the cards. That’s not the way anyone would want to send out Drew Brees, and it’s just difficult to imagine that happening in 2019.

What say you?