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Saints 2019 Year in Review: Josh Hill

The very definition of “Lunch Pail”.

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

In December of 2018, Josh Hill signed a 3 year, $8.85 mil contract extension that has him under contract through 2021. The Saints could cut ties with him in 2020, but at only 1.4% of the projected cap this is unlikely.

For the third time in his career he had an AV (Approximate Value) of 2.

Josh Hill had a solid if not spectacular year in 2019. He managed to avoid the concussions of the past for one thing. He played all 16 games and in the WC round. Targeted 35 times he had 25 receptions for 226 yards and 3 touchdowns. Averaged 9 yards per reception, for a catch rate of 71.4%. He played 61% of the offensive snaps for 649 total. He also played 183 snaps or 39% on special teams.

His offensive grade was a career high of 67.6. His pass block grade was 66.4, up from 61.0 in 2018. His run block grade was also up to a very good 69.7 over 2018’s 57.9.

In fact Josh Hill’s greatest value to the Saints appears to be his blocking abilities. He did have 3 holding penalties and 2 false starts for a total of 36 negative yards. The odd 6 yards penalty for holding was a half the distance in a game against the Seahawks.

Overall Josh Hill had a solid year in 2019 and I would expect him to be on the team in 2020.