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Super Bowl LIV Pick: Real Genius

The NFL’s premier event is finally upon us, Super Bowl LIV, and the champion of the 2019 season will be crowned this Sunday night.  Let’s break down who the Super Bowl champion will be.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go folks, that bittersweet time for every football fan. As much as Super Bowl Sunday is a celebration of the NFL’s championship, it’s also the culmination of another football season. Come Monday, it’s all over for actual NFL football for another eight months until it all starts over again. Eight long months. So before we talk draft and free agency for the New Orleans Saints, lets break down this final game of the season.

The AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs face the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers in the biggest spectacle in American professional sports. Kansas City enters the game with a 12-4 record and they field the NFL’s sixth-ranked offense, while San Francisco enters the game with a 13-3 record and field the NFL’s second-ranked defense. It’s strength against strength in this matchup, and it should be interesting to see how it plays out. Lets now take a look at Super Bowl LIV.

Two weeks ago I went 2-0

I told you so: Chiefs over Titans and 49ers over Packers!

What do I know: Enough to go undefeated two weeks ago.

SUPER BOWL LIV - Hard Rock Stadium - Miami, Florida

AFC Champion - Kansas City Chiefs


NFC Champion - San Francisco 49ers

Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

3:30pm PST / 5:30pm CST / 6:30pm EST



“Andy Reid just can't win the big one”

The Kansas City Chiefs haven't been in the Super Bowl in 50 years. FIFTY YEARS, and now they face one of the NFL’s long-standing dynasties in the five-time Super Bowl Champion, San Francisco 49ers. San Francisco is coming into their seventh Super Bowl appearance as being rightfully regarded as one of the best teams in the NFL in 2019 by going 13-3, which made them the top-overall seed in the NFC and had them only one game behind the best record in the league. Obviously, at 12-4, Kansas City is one of the league’s best themselves, and they have been since the day quarterback Patrick Mahomes started his first game for the franchise.

It’s no secret that the Chiefs have waited a very, very long time to get back to the Super Bowl, but do good things truly come to those who wait? Well, this past decade has been good to teams trying to end 40+ year championship droughts. Some familiar, some very familiar:


2016 Cleveland Cavaliers - 46 years


2010 Chicago Blackhawks - 49 years

2012 Los Angeles Kings - 45 years

2018 Washington Capitals - 44 years

2019 St. Louis Blues - 52 years


2010 San Francisco Giants - 53 years

2015 Kansas City Royals - 47 years

2016 Chicago Cubs - 107 years

2019 Washington Nationals - 50 years


2017 Philadelphia Eagles - 57 years

2009 New Orleans Saints - 43 years!

It may very well be the Chiefs’ turn to bring their streak to an end, like these 11 franchises of the past decade. It doesn't take a genius to see the Chiefs are desperate to bring this title home. And speaking of...

Genius is a term that’s been thrown around with reckless abandon in recent years. Just a year ago, Los Angeles’ Sean McVay was the hot young “genius” that was transforming the league as he (illegitimately) entered the Super Bowl with an unstoppable scheme, backed by unstoppable talent. That old, overlooked genius in New England took McVay to school on Super Sunday and thoroughly dismantled everything that made McVay revered, with the benefit of decades of experience and some outstanding talent carrying out the vision set in place.

Now the next “genius” comes into the Super Bowl, with an outstanding scheme and remarkable talent. This time, in the form of San Francisco’s Kyle Shanahan, yes that Kyle Shanahan of 28-3 fame, the architect of the Atlanta Falcons offense that blew a 25-point lead in Super Bowl LI just four years ago. This 49ers team arguably has the top-end talent that Falcons team had and that talent has gotten them to the same place, the Super Bowl.

Both teams have had some of the relatively easier roads to the Super Bowl that we’ve ever seen. Kansas City avoided the New England dynasty (which beat them in last year’s playoffs) as well as the 14-2 Baltimore juggernaut. San Francisco avoided New Orleans, whose offense smoked them only a month before, and Seattle who came one yard short of going 2-0 against them and sending the Niners to the NFC’s fifth seed. Good luck and circumstance helped get these teams to each other and they are both the best opponents either team has faced in some time.

A narrative that continues to be told is that as good as Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense is, they cannot put up those huge numbers or all those points on this vaunted 49ers defense, which is absurd. Look no further than the Saints’ 46 point game in a loss to San Francisco in December. Now although the word loss followed the 46 points by New Orleans, the Saints defense was decimated going into the game, and had they been playing the KC offense, the Chiefs may still be scoring on them right now. Despite this, Drew Brees and Sean Payton scored more points against the 49ers than any team they faced the entire season.

Drew Brees threw for 349 yards and 5 touchdowns in that game. These playoffs alone, Mahomes is averaging 307 yards and 4 touchdowns per game. Saints Tight End Jared Cook was on pace to dominate that Niners game, having 2 catches for 64 yards and 2 touchdowns before being injured in the first quarter. As good as Cook is, he isn't on the level of Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce, who may just steal the show in the Super Bowl, even with George Kittle on the other sideline. Much like Brees and Payton were able to do, Mahomes and Reid will be able to find success against the San Francisco defense with even more explosiveness than was fielded in December.

Since Andy Reid joined Kansas City in 2013, he has gone 6-3 in games where he has had two weeks to prepare for his opponent, averaging 30+ points in those wins, and winning by 9 points-per-game in those nine games total. Since Kyle Shanahan joined San Francisco in 2017, he has gone 2-2 in games where he has had two weeks to prepare for his opponent, winning by 4 points-per-game in those four games total. These are clearly two of the NFL’s best minds, but much like a year ago, it is the “grizzled old coach” that will dig down deep into that well of experience to bring out the best in his team while exploiting the few weaknesses in his opponent. We get so distracted looking for genius in everything new that we often overlook genius that has been within our sight all this time. Real genius.

Andy Reid has proven no deficit is too great, while Kyle Shanahan has proven no lead is too safe on the sport’s biggest stage. Unlike the Super Bore in Atlanta one year ago, this will be a very entertaining game. All the pieces are in place, all the storylines are set, to make this a Super Bowl to remember. After 50 years of waiting, Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs will leave Miami with the Lombardi Trophy, finally.

Super Bowl LIV Champion: Kansas City Chiefs

Final Score: Chiefs 38 - 49ers 27

Super Bowl LIV MVP: QB - Patrick Mahomes


There you have it folks, another Super Bowl and another NFL season in the books. I simply can’t wait to get it all started all over again. Let’s get ready for the Saints’ march toward Tampa, Florida for Super Bowl LV. Now it’s your turn, leave us your final score and MVP picks in the comments section below!


Who will win Super Bowl LIV?

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