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Wildcard round 2nd half game thread: Viking 13 Saints 10

Closer than we’d like by a mile.

NFL: JAN 05 NFC Wild Card - Vikings at Saints Photo by Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Vikings receive the opening kickoff and promptly fumble and give it back to the Saints. Saints ball at the Vikings 39. Saints drive to 1st and goal but settle for a Wil Lutz fieldgoal.

3-0 Saints

Vikings start at the 25. Vikings drive down field and settle for 3. Tie game.

Saints start at the 12 due to a double team block flag on the return. Saints go 3 and out, punt.

Vikings start and the 36. Saints defense holds and force a punt. End of the 1st quarter.

Punt goes out the endzone and the Saints start at the 20. Saints go 3 and out again and punt. Andrus Peat is getting beat like a drum.

Vikings start at the 29. Saints force a 3 and out.

Saints start at the 29. Alvin Kamara picks up about 5 then Taysom Hill picks up the 1st. Taysom Hill connects on a deep ball to Deonte Harris to set up a short 1st and goal. Alvin Kamara rushes in for the TD. 10-3 Saints.

Vikings start at the 25. On 3rd and 7 Viking pick up a 1st down. A nice run by Dalvin Cook takes it to the Saints 37. viking pick up another 1st down to the 24. Dalvin Cook rushes to the 3. 1st and goal. Saints defense holds. Demario Davis tackles Dalvin Cook for a loss and forces the fieldgoal. 10-6 Saints. 2:54 to the half.

Saints start at the 24. On 3rd and 7 Drew Brees throws an ill-advised interception.

Vikings ball at the Saints 45. Dalvin Cook picks up 1 and it’s the 2 minute warning with 1:58 to half time. Completion to Adam Thielen 24. On 3rd and 4 the Viking pick up the 1st down. 1st and goal. On the second play Dalvin Cook runs in for the TD. 13-10 Vikings. :23 to the half.

Deonte Harris returns it to the Vikings 45. Brees to Michael Thomas at the 25. Wil Lutz misses the 43 yard fieldgaol and the Vikings take the 3 point lead into the half.