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Chargers 20 Saints 10: 2nd Half Game Thread

Very shaky start by the Saints offense. Defense has had some good and bad moments.

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Saints kick off, Chargers start at the 15. They rush for 2. Pass defended by Demario Davis. 3rd and 8. Justin Herbert tries to pick up the 1st with his legs and is denied. Chargers punt.

Callaway returns it to the 47. Latavius Muray rushes for 7. Alvin Kamra picks up the 1st and more. Murray picks up 4. Saints at the Chargers 36. A screen to Kamara it tipped but he catches it for a loss. 3rd and 11. Kamara drops the next screen. Saints punt.

Chargers start at the 20. Chargers rush for 7. Another rush for the 1st. Shy Tuttle stops the next rush short of the line of scrimmage. Hebert to Keenan Allen to the 44. Rush for short gain. Delayed handoff moves the Chargers to the Saints 20. Rush for 3. Incomplete. 3rd and 7. Timeout Chargers. I agree with Sean Payton. I don’t think they got that timeout in time. Herbert on the run connects with Allen for the TD. Extra point no good. 7-0 Chargers.

Saints start at the 22. Kamara barely get past the line of scrimmage. Murray for 1. 3rd and 9. Brees to Emmanuel Sanders for the 1st to the 37. Taysom Hill pass dropped. Taysom Hill drops a pass from Brees. 3rd and 10. Incomplete. Saints punt.

Fair catch. Chargers ball at the 17. Hebert goes deep incomplete. Looked like the Saints got away with a PI. Illegal shift on Chargers declined. 3rd and 12. Herbert sacked by Trey Hendrickson. Punt.

Callaway returns to the 48. Brees to Murray for 10. Murray picks up 3. Brees to Tre’Quan Smith for 4. 3rd and 3. Taysom Hill in at QB and does not pick up the 1st. Will Lutz kicks the fieldgoal for the Saints first points 7-3 Chargers.

Chargers start at the 25. End around fail by the Chargers. Loss of 5. Hebert complete to Hunter Henry. 3rd and 6. Cameron Jordan and Hendrickson team up for the sack. Chargers punt. Personal foul on the kicker gives the Chargers a new set of downs. I don’t agree with that flag. Hebert completes for another 1st at the 47. Herbert deep complete to the Saints 4. 1st and goal. Hebert to Mike Williams, TD. Extra point is good. 13-3 Chargers.

Saints start at the 25. Brees dirt ball due to coverage. Avoids the sack. Brees to Kamara for 9. 3rd and 1. Fullback Michael Burton is denied. Saints punt.

Chargers fair catch at the 20. Screen for 2. Illegal block in the back by the offense backs the Chargers up 10. 2nd and 19. Rush for 9. 3rd and 10. Chargers short and must punt.

Callaway returns to midfield. Holding penalty on the Saints backs it up to the 14. Brees hands off to Kamara who should have lost yards yet manages to gain 6. Brees pass is batted down. 3rd and 4. Brees over throws receiver, is intercepted and almost returned for the TD.

Chargers 1st and goal at the 1. Sheldon Rankins sacks Hebert at the 9. Rush to the 4. 3rd and goal. Hebert to Henry for the TD. Extra point is good. 20-3 Chargers.

Saints start at the 25. Kamara rush for 5. Brees to Benny Fowler for the 1st. Brees grounds the ball. 2nd and 10. Another low ball from Brees picks up 4. Brees is off target to Kamara, behind him, and he can’t reel it in. Saints Punt. Morstead getting a workout this week.

Chargers ball at the 18. 2:30 to the half. Chargers rush for a loss. Chargers rush for 2. 3rd and 12. Hebert under pressure, incomplete. Chargers punt.

Callaway returns to the 49. 2 minute warning. 1:59 to the half. Saints need to make something happen here. They receive to start the second half. Benny Fowler drops a good pass from Brees. Brees to Kamara to the Chargers 36. Brees to Callaway to the 27. Brees to Sanders to the 17. Brees to Sanders to the 6. 1st and goal. Brees to Sanders. TD is overturned. Goal and inches. Facemask on Taysom Hill is not called. QB sneak by Brees, TD. Extra Point is good. 20-10 Chargers. 14 seconds to the half.

Chargers run it out to the 17. Hebert takes a knee. Halftime.