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Panthers @ Saints: Key Matchups - Kamara could have a big day

The New Orleans Saints may be getting Michael Thomas back as they combat the McCaffrey less Panthers

NFL: Player Headshots 2020 Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Week 7 almost here! Looking at Week 7, it’s rivalry week for who dat fans. The New Orleans Saints will be taking on the Carolina Panthers in the dome. It’s even been noted that some fans will be in attendance. It likely won’t be a factor on the field, but it will be attractive for Saints fans to know that their brothers and sisters are sitting in the glorious seats.

On the field, there are a ton of factors in deciding the outcome of this game. The 3-3 Carolina Panthers aren’t the same crew led by Kyle Allen in 2019. However, their quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater is all too familiar with the Saints nation. As for the Saints, Drew Brees isn’t the 2016 version of himself, but he may get more help with Michael Thomas potentially in the lineup.

Let’s take a closer look at these two teams and see which matchups will have a large outcome in this contest.

Russell Okung vs Trey Hendrickson

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Trey Hendrickson has been dynamite for New Orleans. Hendrickson has 4.5 sacks, which is Top-5 in the whole league, but it’s even more heartwarming to seem it earn his production after a few seasons battling for playing time. He’s flat out the Saints most reliable pass rusher in 2020. Cameron Jordan could get two sacks in Week 7 and surpass his reputation, with the help from his background, but Hendrickson has been the most dominant and is expected to be a threat in Week 7.

The nifty Hendrickson is sparring with is: Russell Okung. Okung is a giant left tackle and seasoned veteran. He’s been one of the prized additions to protecting Teddy Bridgewater and enforcing his Top-6 ranking in completion percentage and passing yards. If Hendrickson can get to Bridgewater once or twice, this game may require Bridgewater to get out of his comfort zone and take a couple deep shots down the field, in those agonizing third and long situations.

Alvin Kamara vs Panthers front seven

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Alvin Kamara has been one of the dark horse MVP candidates to watch. Kamara has seven touchdowns in 2020, which is already ahead of his six touchdown tally in 2019. Kamara is stealing the show in New Orleans, while Drew Brees figures out his mechanics at 41-years-old and while Michael Thomas is extending his 2020 off-season through injuries and punishment.

Kamara will be going against a medicore Panthers run defense. Be prepared. We may see a Green Bay like performance out of AK in Week 7.

The Panthers run defense hasn’t lived up to expectations. Sure, Luke Kuechly retired. Well, that was in 2019, and this team was the first team ever in 2020 to draft all defensive players in one draft class. They need to wake up, because they are out of the Top-20 in rush defense and Kamara is taking the turf on Sunday.

Robby Anderson vs Jackrabbit

NFL: Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Janoris Jenkins started out the season looking the best No. two corner on the Saints since Jabari Greer. Since Week 1, Jackrabbit has made fans question if him and Brandon Browner are related. The explosive, pass interference, slow deep speed, Jenkins is back in the lineup for the Saints after missing Week 6.

So who is Jenkins facing in Week 7? Maybe a third year wideout or veteran getting promoted through injuries? None of the above. Jenkins is facing the best No. two wideout on any team this season. That WR would be Robby Anderson.

Robby Anderson hasn’t only been pleasing for my fantasy team, but he’s also second in the league in receiving yards. Dennis Allen needs to trust jackrabbit if he’s going to lineup against one of the most dangerous players in the league.

Robby Anderson could bump down to No. six in receiving yards if Jenkins does his job. If we see the Jenkins against Las Vegas, we might see Robby Anderson post to Twitter that he’s another wideout better than Michael Thomas.

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