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Saints 21 Panthers 17: 2nd half game thread

We have a game Saints fans.

New Orleans Saints v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Saints receive the opening kickoff after the Panthers defer. They start at the 25. Alvin Kamara rushes for 4. Drew Brees to Austin Carr for a 1st down. Brees to Marquis Callaway for 9. Latavius Murray just past the line of scrimmage. Kamara picks up the 1st. Brees to Murray for 9 and a half. Oh so close. Kamara breaks lose for a big gain. Saints ball at the Panthers 32. Screen to Kamara for a couple. Another screen to Kamara for 5. Latavius Murray picks up the 1st. Murray rushes for 7 to the 11 yard line. Kamara picks u a couple. 3rd and 2. Taysom Hill comes in at QB and runs for the 1st. First and goal at the 4. Brees to Jared Cook for the 1st touchdown of the game. Will Lutz is money. 7-0 Saints.

Panthers start at the 25. Mike Davis rushes for 7. Teddy Bridgewater to Robbie Anderson for the 1st. Holding flag against the Saints gives them 5 yards and a 1st. Under heavy pressure Bridgewater throws it away. A screen picks up 2. 3rd and 8. After a incredible scramble by Bridgewater and 2 Saints missing him Teddy completes to the 31. 1st down. Incomplete. Davis is tackled for a loss by Alex Anzalone. On 3rd and 11 Bridgewater is forced to run and comes up short. Panthers settle for a fieldgoal. 7-3 Saints.

Saints starts at the 22 after Deonte Harris takes it out. Brees to Callaway for the 1st. Again to Callaway for 8. Footnote, Marquis Callaway the UDFA catches Brees’ 7000th pass. Murray rushes the ball all the way to the Panthers 30. Saints waste a timeout after the 1st half break.

Brees to Callaway again for a big gain to the 16. Under pressure Brees throw it away. Brees to Callaway for a 1st and goal. Kamara rushes to the 1 and a half. Murray to the 1 foot line. Brees with the sneak for the TD. Lutz is good. 14-3 Saints.

Panthers start at the 25. Bridgewater to Moore for 7 is negated by a holding call against the Saints. 5 yards and a 1st. The handoff is blown up by /Shelton Rankins for a 4 yard loss. Bridgewater connects with D.J. Moore, wide open deep, for the touchdown. 14-10 Saints.

Saints start at the 16 after Harris takes it out again. Not a smart move. Incomplete. Short pass to Tre' Quan Smith for 5. A flag on the Panthers for holding gives us a 1st and 5 yards. Kamara breaks loss to the Panthers 42 yard line. Murray just gets back to the line of scrimmage. Brees avoids the sack by getting rid of it. 3rd and 10. Brees to Deonte Harris for the 1st at the 25. Murray loses 1. Brees is sacked and fumbles and the Panthers recover.

Carolina’s ball at their 35. Bridgewater complete for 5. Davis rushes for 2. 3rd and 10. Curtis Samuel is uncovered and picks up the 1st. Davis picks up a yard. Pass to Anderson picks up the 1st at the Saints 27. Short pass to Davis for 8. A screen for the 1st to the 15. Bridgewater dumps off to Davis for 8. Jet sweep to D.J. Moore for the touchdown. Panthers take the lead 17-14. 1:37 to the half.

Saints start at the 25. Brees to Kamara for 3. Brees to Harris for the 1st. To Harris again for 7. Kamara picks up the 1st. Brees to Cook for 22 to the Panthers 21. Use last timeout. Screen to Kamara who gets to 1st and goal at the 4. Panthers timeout. 5 seconds left. Saints going for the TD. Brees to Harris for the TD as time runs out. Extra point is good. 21 to 17 Saints