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Kamara runs Saints to victory after they run out of receivers, 27-24 over Carolina.

Teddy Bridgewater didn’t have the welcome back to New Orleans he was hoping for after the Saints top the Panthers.

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Can the New Orleans Saints overcome not having their two best receivers?

1st Half

New Orleans starts with the ball. Let’s see what this gameplan looks like without CGM and Emmanuel Sanders. The first play is a pass to Austin Carr. I hear that when Drew Brees completes a pass to someone not named Michael Thomas, a national reporter gets to come up with a trade rumor. The Saints run game gets them down field very well. Even Taysom Hill got a first down. The Saints strike first on a fantastic grab by Jared Cook. NO 7 - CAR 0.

Welcome back to NOLA Teddy Two Gloves. Welcome back to Louisiana Joe Brady. Panthers start with a touchback. After a couple gains, stop me if you’ve heard this before, defensive penalty on the Saints gives the Panthers a free 5 yards. The pressure is consistently getting in the backfield, but Teddy escapes just long enough to convert 3rd and long to Curtis Samuel. Saints defense do hold them to a field goal, however. NO 7 - CAR 3.

Deonte Harris’ first return back goes to the 29. Marquez Callaway getting the Brees love early on. Making his case for more snaps as the season progresses. Latavius Murray! He barrels downfield for 25. Marquez Callaway gets 4th catch of the day to get the Saints into the redzone. Callaway getting a LOT of looks. 5th catch gets them in a goal to go. Goal line leap for Drew! NO 14 - CAR 3.

Touchback starts the drive. And just as the drive starts, it’s over after 3 plays. Teddy forced the middle open with his eyes and connected with DJ Moore for 74 yards and a touchdown. NO 14 - CAR 10.

Short return for Deonte Harris starts this next drive at the 15. Donte Jackson saves the drive for the Saints with a defensive hold on what would’ve forced a 4th down. Kamara bursts through the middle of the field with a 32 yard run. Brian Burns gets to Brees for a strip sack. Carolina ball.

Panthers get past midfield on a 3rd down conversion by Curtis Samuel. Robby Anderson gashes them down the middle. Within the redzone now. A shovel pass to Curtis Samuel leads to him wiggling his way to a touchdown. CAR 17 - NO 14.

Touchback. Is there anything more beautiful than a Drew Brees led drive before halftime? Pass to Kamara. Pass to Harris. Pass to Harris. Kamara run. Pass to Cook. Big Kamara Run. Quick TD pass to Harris. It’s truly something of beauty. Saints take the lead back before half. NO 21 - CAR 17.

2nd Half

Panthers start the half with the ball. A little jawing between Teddy and Sean Payton, you love to see it. Curtis Samuel gets his catthirdch on 3rd down this game. Really nice to see some fantastic coverage on this drive, especially on a big deep ball. Saints force the first punt of the day.

Drive starts at the NO 19. Kamara will never let us down. 16 yards gets them to the NO 41. Holding on Ramcyzk forces 1st and 20. Callaway sets up 3rd and 14, and who else but Kamara converts on a screen. Flea flicker ends up as a 23 yard gain to the Carolina 17. Almost looked like Callaway would have his first TD there, but an iffy OPI call on TQS has the Saints settle for a field goal. NO 24 - CAR 17.

Touchback. Robby Anderson with a 26 yard catch, then hit out of bounds. Panthers have great position immediately. A couple of short plays later Ian Thomas gets to the Saints 5. Curtis Samuel TD. NO 24 - CAR 24.

Touchback. Almost looked like a 3 and out, but Callaway comes through again and gets 7 for the first. Tre’Quan Smith gets the Saints past midfield on a 20 yard catch. Marquez Callaway gets a catch on 3rd down, but comes up limping. Saints have to settle for a field goal. NO 27 - CAR 24.

Touchback. DJ Moore looks like he’s hurt, off the field for now. Panthers at midfield on 1st and 10. 3rd and 3 now after Curtis Samuel gains 3 yards because of the tackle. Pocket collapsed, but Teddy is able to escape for the first down. Pressure gets to him again, but he gets the ball away. Mike Davis is slowed down by Anzalone, and they get him for a loss. 3rd and 11 right on the outside of field range. Pressure gets to him for a sack this time, Marcus Davenport takes him down out of field goal range! Or so we thought, as Joey Slye lines up for a 65 yard try, and it is JUST short. Would’ve been an NFL record.

Saints ball at the Carolina 45. Saints are able to run the clock out. Saints win.


Here’s a Quarter by quarter breakdown of the events:

1st Quarter

  • Touchback. Saints start with ball.
  • Saints offense moving very easily to start.
  • Saints drive down field on 14 plays to score on a great Jared Cook grab.
  • NO 7 - CAR 0
  • Teddy B is back in NOLA and starts after a touchback.
  • Bridgewater is constantly being pressured, but is getting just enough time to convert.
  • Mike Davis being held in check.
  • Saints defense forces a field goal.
  • NO 7 - CAR 3
  • Kickoff returned to the 29.
  • Carolina just doesn’t seem to have an answer yet for the Saints offense.
  • Latavius Murray bullies his way to the Carolina 30 for a gain of 25.

2nd Quarter

  • Another good catch by Marquez Callaway gets the Saints into the redzone.
  • Another Drew Brees goal line leap.
  • NO 14 - CAR 3
  • Touchback.
  • After a couple of plays, Teddy B connects with DJ Moore for 74 yards and a TD.
  • NO 14 - CAR 10
  • Saints start drive on the 15.
  • Saints get past midfield after a penalty and a 32 yard run from Kamara.
  • Brian Burns strip sack. Carolina ball.
  • Another 3rd down conversion by Curtis Samuel.
  • Panthers in the redzone.
  • Shovel pass TD for Curtis Samuel.
  • CAR 17 - NO 14
  • Touchback.
  • Brees driving the Saints downfield like we all expect him to do.
  • Drew Brees 3 yard touchdown pass to Deonte Harris with 2 seconds left until halftime.
  • NO 21 - CAR 17.

3rd Quarter

  • Touchback.
  • Saints almost get a 3 and out, but Curtis Samuel gets another conversion.
  • The Saints force the first punt of the afternoon.
  • Saints start the drive at the 19.
  • Kamara saves the drive after 3rd and long.
  • Kamara gets them into Panther territory.
  • Flea flicker gets the Saints into the redzone.
  • Saints settle for a field goal after an OPI on a touchdown catch.
  • NO 24 - CAR 17
  • Touchback.
  • Robby Anderson hit out of bounds on an already 30 yard gain, Panthers have great positon.
  • Curtis Samuel TD.
  • NO 24 - CAR 24

4th Quarter

  • Touchback.
  • TQS gets the big catch to get the Saints past midfield.
  • Field Goal unit going to come on to the field.
  • It’s good.
  • NO 27 - CAR 24
  • Touchback.
  • A couple 7/8 yard plays get the Panthers to midfield.
  • Teddy converts 3rd and 3 with his feet.
  • Saints get to Teddy a couple more times.
  • Finally a sack on the day for the Saints and it comes from Marcus Davenport.
  • Joey Slye JUST misses a 65 yard field goal.
  • Saints ball at the Carolina 45.
  • Saints run the clock out.



Player of the Game

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  • 17%
    Drew Brees
    (35 votes)
  • 47%
    Alvin Kamara
    (95 votes)
  • 30%
    Marquez Callaway
    (61 votes)
  • 4%
    Marcus Davenport
    (8 votes)
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