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Saints fan confidence plummeting after back-to-back losses

And it’s probably only getting worse...

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Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

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Confidence in the Saints is in a freefall after the team’s second straight loss. Heading into Week 4, a majority of fans think the team is headed in the wrong direction.

According to the latest SB Nation Reacts survey, fan confidence in the Saints dipped below the 50 percent mark, to only 38 percent. In the last two weeks, confidence fell from a full 100 percent, to 64 and now roughly only one-third of Saints fans like the direction of the team.

The Saints are far from the only team dealing with a severe drop in fan confidence. When the national NFL audience was asked which team has been the biggest disappointment so far, the Minnesota Vikings received the most votes.

Despite the feelings of Saints fans, nationally the Saints are still expected to win their game this weekend against the 1-2 Detroit Lions.

On the other end of the spectrum, fans believe the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs are even better this year than they were last year. The Chiefs have their much-anticipated game against the New England Patriots this week.

Fans were also asked what they think of the NFL’s rule on ties. Last weekend the Eagles and Bengals finished in a tie after neither team was able to score in overtime. A slight majority of fans think the NFL needs to change its rule on ties to prevent this from happening in the future.

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