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Saints 28 Lions 14: 2nd half game thread

Didn’t start pretty but Saints come around.

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Believe it or not the Saints actually won a coin toss and defer. Lions take it out to the 23. Matthew Stafford incomplete. Screen incomplete. 3rd and 10. Stafford runs for 12. 1st down. Adrian Peterson gains a yard. Incomplete off the play action. 3rd and 9. A busted coverag moves the Lions to the Saints 14. Peterson to the 7. Stafford to the endzone. TD .Extra point is good. 7-0 Lions

Saints start at the the 19 after a soccer style kick by the Lions. Drew Brees pass is tipped and intercepted. Lions ball at the Saints 18.

Peterson for 1. Stafford slides to the 14. 3rd and 7. Stafford to the endzone. TD. Extra point is good 14-0 Lions. That’s two scores in less than 5 minutes of the 1st quarter.

Saints start at the 25. Brees connects with Alvin Kamara to the 41. Kamara rushes for 3. Deonte Harris on the end around to the 49. 3rd and 1. Latavius Murray picks up the 1st down to the Lions 48. Brees goes deep for Kamara off target. Murray for 3. Kamara rushes for the 1st at the Lions 36. Brees to Emmanuel Sanders to the 28. Harris to the 19. Kamara to the 6. 1st and goal. Kamara to the 3. Short gain by Taysom Hill. Murray runs in for the TD. Extra Point is good. 14-7 Lions.

Lions start at the 22. Incomplete. Stafford complete for the 1st to the 36. Rush for 6. Patrick Robinson defends the pass. 3rd and 3. Cameron Jordon gets his 1st sack of the year. Lions punt.

Saints return by Harris is to the 21. Murray picks up 7. Murray to the 33 and a 1st down. Brees to Sanders for 19 yards into Lions territory. Kamara runs into a wall at the line but breaks loose for 9. 2nd and 1. Brees sacked back at the Saints 49. 3rd and 12. Brees to Taysom hill to the Lions 44. 4th and 4. Saints go for it and Brees connects with Kamara for 25 yards. Terron Armstead is hurt. Walks off to the sideline and goes in the tent. Saint 1st at the Lions 14. Hill fumbles the snap, picked up by Kamara for a loss. 2nd and 16. Brees to Murray for the 1st and goal at the 1. Tre’Quan Smith is down. Injury timeout. Armstead is back. Kamara in for the TD. Extra point is good and we are tied 14 all.

Lions start at the 25. In terrific coverage Stafford completes to the Saints 44. Peterson for 4. And another BS flag for PI. Marcus Williams is clearly going for the overthrown ball when a Lions player runs into Williams. Of course we are flagged. Next play Stafford throws an INT in the endzone.

Saints ball at the 20. Kamara rush for 3. Murray for 6. 3rd and 1. Brees to Sanders for 25 at the Lions 46. Screen to Harris picks up the 1st. Murray for 6 to the 30. Kamara rush to the 18. Kamara breaks free to the 8. 1st and goal. Kamara to the 2. Brees to Tre’Quan Smith for the TD. Extra point is good. 21-14 Saints 3:03 to the half.

Lions start at the 25. Lions rush for 5. Lions tackled for a 1 yard loss. 3rd and 6. 2 minute warning. Incomplete. Lions punt. Un sportsmanlike conduct penalty on the Lions backs them up 15.

Saints start at the Lions 49 on the return by Devonte Harris. Drew incomplete. Delay to Kamara for 1. 3rd and 9. Brees to Smith for the 1st but a PI to Drees gives the Saints 15 from the spot of the catch and a 1st. Saints ball at the Lions 20. Brees to Tre’Quan Smith for his second TD. Extra point is good. 28-14 Saints 4. Only 0:44 to the half.

Lions start at the 25 with 44 seconds and 2 timeouts remaining. Malcom Jenkins breaks up the pass. Stafford complete for 16. Stafford sacked by Trey Hendrickson. 2nd and 12. Jenkins tackle for no gain. 3rd and 12. Stafford incomplete deep. Lions punts.

Time runs out on the punt. Saints get the ball to start the 2nd half.