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NFL Week 8 Rooting Guide: Who to support as Saints square off against Bears

There’s another key evening game being playee

NFL: Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

To some degree, the New Orleans Saints seem to be finding some rhythm. Everything is much harder than it needs to be, but three straight wins against the Lions, Chargers and Panthers led to a perfect October after the Saints two-game slide against the Raiders and Packers had teams feeling low. The Tom Brady-led Buccaneers are proving to be a legitimate nuisance in the NFC South, however, so the Saints need a little help going forward.

As the Saints play the 5-2 Bears on Sunday, there will be another 4:25 P.M. kickoff to keep an eye on. Otherwise, Sunday’s slate is pretty straightforward. Here’s who Saints fans should be cheering for in Week 8.

Early games

Vikings (1-5) vs. Packers (5-1)

The Vikings are just staggeringly unlucky mixed with bad this year. At 1-5, they aren’t looking like a threat in the conference any more than the Giants are, and it’s hard to see things turning around for them. The Packers, meanwhile, are likely a top-three team in the NFC, up there with the Buccaneers and someone from the NFC West. Hope that the Vikings pull off some divisional voodoo today, and go right back to rooting against them moving forward.

The Lions (3-3) and Rams (5-2) are the only other two NFC teams in action during the early games, as they suit up against the Colts and Dolphins, respectively. It goes without saying: Root for the AFC teams.

Evening games

49ers (4-3) vs. Seahawks (5-1)

These two teams are proving to be insanely dangerous, as is the rest of the NFC West. It’s getting more difficult to know if Saints fans should be going for home field or wild card help. Even if the 49ers win, mind you, the Saints still would have an edge on them in the wild card race. With that in mind, keep the dream alive. Root for the 49ers in this game, and try to gun for that first seed moving forward. Fans or no fans, Century Link Field would not be a fun place to play the Seahawks in January.


Cowboys (2-5) vs. Eagles (2-4-1)

After a hardy session of cursing the schedule makers who continue to force feed the NFC East, just watch this game stoically. The wild card isn’t coming out of the NFC East, and one of these ridiculous teams is going to get a home playoff game because life is unfair. The Cowboys might be the better option there, since they play indoors which could be less of an issue in January, but at this point all I feel watching this terrible division is frustration.

Buccaneers (5-2) vs. Giants (1-6)

The Buccaneers have clearly found their stride — they’re a legitimate NFC threat now. Anyone who says otherwise is in denial, this team does not look like a fluke. However, hope for a Giants upset on Monday Night Football all the same, while simultaneously cursing the same football puppet-masters who made us watch Cowboys-Eagles just 24 hours earlier. Seriously, stop assuming the NFC East will be better than it is. Force them to make real moves again. We’re all begging you.