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Bears13 Saints 10: 2nd half game thread

Closer than we’d like but I’ll take it.

Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The bears win the toss and defer. Saints start at the 25. Latavius Murray rushes for 3. Alvin Kamara picks up 2 more. Taysom Hill is in and he runs for the 1st down. Brees screen to Murray for 8. Murray picks up 3 and the 1st down. Kamara picks up 1. Screen to Josh Hill who has the 1st down easily but slips and its 3rd and 2. Kamara breaks lose to the 21 yard line of the Bears. A 20 yard pickup. Screen to Kamara loses 2. Brees to Kamara picks 3 to the original line of scrimmage. 3rd and 10. Will Lutz kicks the 38 yard fieldgoal. 3-0 Saints

Bears start at the 25. Nick Foles completion for 7. Foles dumps it off for the 1st. Foles completes for 9. Bears rush for 3 and the 1st. Injury timeout bears. Foles incomplete. 2nd and 10. Bears rush for 5. 3rd and 5. Foles completes for 11 and the 1st. Mitchell Trubisky in with the QB keeper for 2. Incomplete. Bears run for the 1st. Run for no gain. Marcus Davenport and Shy Tuttle combine for the sack on Nick Foles. 3rd and 20. Complete short of the 1st. Bears kick the 44 yard fieldgoal. 3 all.

Deonte Harris returns to the 31 but the Saints are backed up to the 12 on a wedge penalty flag. Murray picks up 2. Brees to Kamara for 48 yards to the Bears 39. 2nd quarter. Murray loses 1. Brees to Kamara to the Bears 26 and the 1st. Taysom Hill in again and he runs for 12. Saints in the redzone. Kamara picks up 3. Reverse sweep to Harris is blown up and he loses only 1. Brees to Murray is short of the 1st and the Saints go for 3. Will Lutz’s 27 yard kick bounces off the goal post. No good. Still 3 all.

Bears ball at the 20. Bears run for 5. Foles deep completes to the Saints 25. Run for 1. Foles to Allen Robinson for the touchdown. 10-3 Bears.

Saints start at the 22 after Harris slips on the return. Brees dirt ball incomplete to Tre’Quan Smith. Brees to Kamara across the middle for 5. Kamara limps off. Brees incomplete to Smith. Saints punts.

Bears return to the 37. Bears run loses 4. Foles throws behind Jimmy Graham incomplete. Big hit on Graham. Foles incomplete again and the Bears punt. Rare 3 and out for the Saints defense.

Saints start at the 14. Murray picks up 3. Kamara just picks up 1. 3rd and 6. Brees to Tommylee Lewis short of the 1st. Saints punt.

Bears start at the 39. Bears rush for 4. Run again for 5. 3rd and 1. David Montgomery breaks lose for 38 yards. Bears at the Saints 14. Injury timeout Saints. Sheldon Rankins is down. Rankins makes it to the sideline on his own power. 2 minute warning. Bears run for 1. Rankins is headed to the locker room. Foles short pass for 2. 3rd and 7. Bears player down. Timeout Bears. 1:47 to the half. Foles with the dirt ball. 4th down. Fieldgoal is good. 13-3 Bears.

Saints start at the 32. Brees to Jared Cook for 11. Brees fumbles but he recovers. 2nd and 18. Brees to Deonte Harris for 5. 3rd and 13. Brees to Kamara for 12 and the Saints go for it on 4th down. Kamara picks up 7. Brees to Tre’Quan Smith for 4. Brees to Kamara for 8. PI moves us to the 16. Incomplete to Cook. 2nd and 10. Brees to Jared Cook complete in the endzone. Touchdown. Will Lutz is good. 10-7 Bears. 3 seconds to the half. No return, halftime.