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NFL Picks Week 10: The Tide Has Turned

The Saints look to destroy another hated rival this week.  Let’s take a look at this and all of the action in Week 10.

San Francisco 49ers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints host the hated San Francisco 49ers in their return to the Superdome this Sunday. Following what many called the NFC Game of the Year, the Saints now enter the rematch of the game that held that same distinction a year ago. The 49ers enter this one a mere shadow of themselves in comparison to how they entered the Dome last year. The Saints have the chance now not to exact vengeance for that game, but to put their rival in the dirt this year while elevating their own season.

The Saints were down, the Bucs had reigned supreme in the South, but last weekend changed a lot of things, the tide has turned. The Saints are now on top, and while the threat of a Tampa resurgence sits in the rearview, it is the Saints who hold their fate in their own hands. The Saints are in control, and the Niners stand as the next team to see just how good this team really is. Let’s take a look at this and all of the exciting Week 10 action in the NFL.

Last week I went 11-3

I told you so: Raiders over Chargers!

What do I know: Bucs over Saints?!?! (Never happier to be wrong!)



Thursday, November 12th - Thursday Night Football

Colts(5-3) at Titans(6-2)

Tennessee will relentlessly attack the Indy defense on the ground with Derrick Henry. Once fatigue sets in, the Titans will have control. Tennessee wins 23-17.

Pick: Titans


Sunday, November 15th - Early Games

Eagles(3-4-1) at Giants(2-7)

This game will come down to the play of the two quarterbacks, and it will be Carson Wentz that makes the play or two that Daniel Jones can't. Philadelphia wins 26-21.

Pick: Eagles


Jaguars(1-7) at Packers(6-2)

Green Bay’s defense will absolutely shut down the Jacksonville passing game, while Aaron Rodgers absolutely feasts on the other side. Green Bay wins 35-19.

Pick: Packers


Washington FT(2-6) at Lions(3-5)

Look for Detroit to have a surprisingly big day on the ground against the Washington defense. Detroit wins 20-13.

Pick: Lions


Texans(2-6) at Browns(5-3)

Deshaun Watson is going to have one of those “don't forget about me” performances in this one. Houston wins 30-14.

Pick: Texans


Buccaneers(6-3) at Panthers(3-6) - Game of the Week

Despite the opposite records of the opponents, this game has the feel of an absolute fight. Earlier this season, Tampa got the best of Carolina by jumping on them early, despite Teddy Bridgewater outplaying Tom Brady. Turnovers buried Carolina in that game, but expect this one to be much closer. Tampa pulls out victory in the end, knowing they simply can't afford to lose pace in a dangerous NFC. Tampa wins 26-23.

Pick: Buccaneers


Sunday, November 15th - Late Games

Chargers(2-6) at Dolphins(5-3)

Los Angeles will continue to find more miserable and crushing ways to kill themselves this week against Tua and Co. Miami wins 24-14.

Pick: Dolphins


Broncos(3-5) at Raiders(5-3)

This will be a nice defensive matchup, but Las Vegas’ ground game will carry the day in Sin City. Las Vegas wins 20-16.

Pick: Raiders


Bills(7-2) at Cardinals(5-3)

Arizona will find themselves reeling a bit from their last-second loss a week ago, while Buffalo continues to heat up in the desert. Buffalo wins 26-17.

Pick: Bills


Bengals(2-5-1) at Steelers(8-0)

Pittsburgh knows they took Dallas far too lightly last week, they won't make that mistake here against Cincy. Pittsburgh wins 21-13.

Pick: Steelers


Seahawks(6-2) at Rams(5-3)

For whatever reason, Sean McVay just has Pete Carroll’s number, and with the horrific defense Seattle is fielding, McVay’s Rams will have too much offense for even Russell Wilson to counter. Los Angeles wins 30-21.

Pick: Rams


49ers(4-5) at Saints(6-2)

Still basking in the glow of their demolition of their divisional rivals, the Saints now face arguably their biggest non-divisional rival, the San Francisco 49ers. The rematch of the NFC’s Game of the Year in 2019 will not live up to the standards of that wild shootout. This comes down to a few factors: First, the Saints are on a hot streak and find themselves extremely healthy, while the Niners are not healthy, at all.

Three players will have big games for the Saints, pass catchers Michael Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, and Jared Cook. Thomas and Sanders will thrive with another week under their belts after long absences before last week, while Cook looks to rebound from some personal disappointments during last week’s blowout win. The player that will outshine them all will be the trigger-man delivering them the passes, in quarterback Drew Brees, who will have one of his best performances of the year.

When Sean Payton and the Saints have a chance to stick it to a weakened Niners team, they can't wait to take it, this will be no different. The Saints will have no hangover from Sunday Night, they will remain energized as they enter the Superdome to stamp out the hobbled 49ers’ chances of saving their season, and it will be another fun one to watch. The Saints have scored 40+ points in each of the past two matchups against the 49ers and that will continue here for a third game. Saints win 45-20.

Pick: Saints


Sunday Night Football

Ravens(6-2) at Patriots(3-5)

New England is simply uninspired at this point, and that simply won't cut it against a Baltimore team that is looking to stay amongst the AFC’s elite. Baltimore wins 29-17.

Pick: Ravens


Monday, November 16th - Monday Night Football

Vikings(3-5) at Bears(5-4)

Dalvin Cook has taken on the burden of carrying Minnesota on his back, and despite the weight, it won't slow him down in Chicago. Minnesota wins 24-20.

Pick: Vikings


There you have it, Week 10 is upon us, and the Saints have a huge opportunity to bury the Falcons in the dirt where they belong. Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below!