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NFL Week 10 Rooting Guide: Who Saints fans should want to win as Saints play 49ers

The Saints have a late game Sunday, but there are a few early games to keep tabs on

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints play the San Francisco 49ers during the evening block of games on Sunday in a big matchup. The 6-2 Saints are now in the driver’s seat for the NFC, while the 4-5 are struggling to power through a plethora of injuries in perhaps the NFL’s best division. Throughout the conference, there are a few games to watch on Sunday and Monday.

Sunday will present a few interesting divisional matchups for Saints fans. For the Saints, however, it’s all about exacting revenge on a team that brought quite a bit of heartache last decade. Here is the Week 10 NFL rooting guide.

Early games

Washington Football Team (2-6) vs. Detroit Lions (3-5)

This game doesn’t have much effect on the Saints, but at this point the NFC East is such a dud Washington could pull it off. If the Saints were to draw a Wild Card Weekend berth, Washington is preferable to the Eagles, so just root for them. But in reality, root for the worst record possible to win the East so the NFL realizes that division just isn’t going to happen.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3) vs. Carolina Panthers (3-6)

Coming off of a drubbing against the Saints, the Bucs now effectively trail the Saints by one game in the NFC South as the Saints hold the tiebreaker. Root for the Panthers to give the Saints some cushion, and cherish the opportunity to root for Teddy Bridgewater again.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-4-1) vs. New York Giants (2-7)

Using the same reasoning as Washington vs. Lions, pull for the Giants to win and keep the dream of a five-win team winning the East alive. We deserve it.

The Jaguars also play the 6-2 Packers during the early slate, so root for the Jaguars in that one as well. The Packers and the Seahawks are arguably the biggest competition in the NFC right now.

Evening games

Seattle Seahawks (6-2) vs. Los Angeles Rams (5-3)

This game is, once again, tough, but the Seahawks are just a smidge above the Rams in record, so root for the Rams. Both of these teams are highly dangerous right now, but the Seahawks in particular could pose a lot of problems for the Saints moving forward. They’re Threat Level Midnight alongside the Packers.

The 5-3 Cardinals will play the Bills at 4:05 as well, so hope that the Bills continue their success against the NFC West and pull off another big win.


Minnesota Vikings (3-5) vs. Chicago Bears (5-4)

It’s entirely possible at this point that the Vikings are legitimately bad, but the Bears are still an unknown quantity. It seems unlikely at this point that the NFC North will end up with a wild card team, but it may be best to root for the Bears to continue to ensure the Vikings can’t wreak havoc in the playoffs. There are just too many painful memories there.