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Saints 17 49ers 10: 2nd half game thread

Saints battle back.

NFL: DEC 08 49ers at Saints Photo by Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Saints win the toss and defer. 49ers start at the 25. Nick Mullens is their starting QB. First play is a run blown up for a 3 yard loss. Complete to Bradon Aiyuk. The 49ers pick up the 1st on a run. Rush for 6. Next rush is stopped by Demario Davis Loss of 1. 3rd and 5. Mullens connects for the 1st. Malcom Jenkins breaks up the next pass and almost comes away with the pick. Saints miss a tackle making it 3rd and 2. Complete for the first and C.J. Garnder-Johnson draws the flag for the helmet to helmet. Run for 1. Mullens completes for a 1st at the Saints 11. 49ers run for 7. Easy pass to Aiyuk for the TD. Wide open. Extra point is good. 7-0 49ers.

Saints start at the 22 after Deonte Harris takes it out of the endzone. Latavius Murray runs for 5. Screen to Harris who slips yet gets 3. Brees incomplete to Michael Thomas. 4th down forces a Saints punt on the 3 and out.

49ers start at the 25 with the fair catch. First run is for a 8 yard loss. Incomplete. 3rd and 18. Run for another big loss and the Saints force the 3 and out. 49ers punt. Deonte Harris muffs the kickoff and it’s 49ers ball at the Saints 49. Run for 5. Tackle is made behind the line of scrimmage but a holding penalty backs the 49ers up 10. 2nd and the 49ers 46. Complete for 14. 3rd and 1. Timeout 49ers. They rush for the 1st down. Complete to Ross Dwelley. Late hit flag on the passer moves them up to half the distance to the goal. 1st down at the Saints 6. Rush to the 4. Next run is tackled for a loss of 1. 3rd and goal. Mullens is sacked by Demario Davis. Fieldgoal is good. 10-0 49ers.

Denote Harris makes up for the muffed punt by returning the kickoff to the 49ers 25. Alvin Kamara loses 5. Brees incomplete to Jared Cook. Looked like a miscommunication. Brees incomplete again. Saints settle for the fieldgoal. Will Lutz is good from 49. 10-3 49ers.

49ers start at the 25. Mullen completes for the 1st on 1st down. Run for no gain. 2nd and 10. Mullen is hit as he throws. 3rd and 10. Complete to Jordan Reed but is short of the line to gain. 4th down. 49ers punt.

Saints start the 20 as the kick rolls into the endzone. Brees to Michael Thomas to the 35. Taysom Hill is in at QB. Hill picks up 5. Brees screen to Kamara for 1. 3rd and 4. Brees to Cook who can’t hold on to it with the DB on his back. No flag of course. Saints punt. Ball is contacted by a 49ers player. Saints ball at the 49er 21. Kamara is hit behind the line but makes back to the line of scrimmage. Brees is sacked. a roughing the passer flag makes it 1st down at the 11. Taysom Hill fumbles the exchange but falls on it for a 2. yard gain. 2nd and 8. Hill runs for 7. Pitch to Kamara for the TD. Extra point is good. 10 all. 6:48 to the half.

49ers start at the 14. Shouldn’t have taken that one out. Rush for 8. Rush for the 1st. Mullens runs for 3. Rush for 2. 3rd and 5. Mullen completes and another missed tackle gives them the 1st. Complete for 10 at midfield. Timeout Saints. Marcus Davenport makes the tackle for a loss. Illegal formation penalty is declined. 2nd down and 12. Complete just short of the 1st. 3rd down. 2 minute warning. Incomplete. 4th down. 49ers go for it and fail.

Saints ball at their 41. 1:50 to the half. Brees to Kamara for 7. Brees to Kamara who makes it to the 15. Brees to Tre’Quan Smith who is hit as he catches it. Smith is down. Pass is ruled incomplete after review. A flag was not thrown which should have been. Brees to Harris to the 8 yard line. 3rd down. Timeout 49ers. Brees to Emmanuel Sanders for the 1st and goal. Brees drops the snap, picks it up and completes to Kamara for the TD. Extra point is good. 17-10 Saints. 1:15 to the half.

49ers start at the 25. Screen is good for the 1st but a holding penalty backs the 49ers up 10 instead. 1st and 20. Rush for 9. 2nd and 11. rush for 6. 3rd and 5. Timeout Saints. Pass is batted down. 4th down. They punt and the return is fair caught at the 20.

Saints kneel and take us to the half. We get the ball to start the second half.