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UPDATE: Doctors find additional broken ribs in Drew Brees

It’s possible that Brees has more than five fractured ribs.

San Francisco 49ers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

UPDATE (Saturday):

There was the possibility that New Orleans Saints quarterback had more than just the five fractured ribs initially thought - turns out Drew Brees has 6 more, bringing the grand total to 11.

That being said, “improvement in lung function and the continued dissipation of the pneumothorax” is encouraging. Those are a lot of big words to say that Brees’s collapsed lung is improving, despite the discovery of additional fractured ribs.

The timetable is still unknown, but this is still positive news.

Still, it’s important to remember that Brees is required to miss at least the next three games after getting placed on injured reserve yesterday.

UPDATE (Wednesday):

It’s the best news we could have hoped for at this time.

Drew Brees has indeed received a second opinion on his current injuries, and they confirmed the first opinion, meaning Brees indeed has five broken ribs and a collapsed lung. The good news here is that the second opinion did not identify any additional injuries which could result in even more time missed, so if there is any silver lining to be had here, this would be it.

UPDATE (Tuesday morning):

Another unfortunate update. It is now reported that Drew Brees is obtaining a second opinion to ascertain the full scope of his injuries. Per ESPN’s Ed Werner, it is possible Brees has more than the five reported rib fractures; the intent of the additional opinion is to see whether the Saints will place Brees on injured reserve. If so, the designation would result in Brees missing at least three games, looking at the December 13 game against the Philadelphia Eagles as his earliest game of return.

UPDATE (Monday afternoon):

Drew Brees is reported to have five fractured ribs. He is expected to miss significant time.

UPDATE (Monday afternoon):

We have another update following Drew Brees’s injury. It is now reported that his has fractured ribs on both sides of his chest and a collapsed lung. We will provide a timetable for his return once that becomes more apparent.

UPDATE (Monday morning):

We finally have an update on Drew Brees’s status this morning:

Good news: it doesn’t sound like the rib(s) is/are broken. That would have been confirmed by a simple X-ray. The MRI will be necessary for cartilage assessment, obviously, so until then, we won’t know the severity of what Drew is dealing with.

We’ll continue to update as additional information becomes available or a timetable is released.

UPDATE (Sunday night):

It appears to indeed be an issue with injured ribs.

Hopefully it is nothing serious and Brees is able to return next week against the division rival Atlanta Falcons. It’s pure speculation at this point, but a worst case scenario of broken ribs would likely be a 4-6 week absence.

The New Orleans Saints have been forced to make a change at quarterback to start the second half of the game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Details are not known right now, but after successfully leading the Saints to a touchdown in a two-minute drill to end the first half, but Drew Brees is on the sideline with Jameis Winston in at quarterback to start the second half.

Of note, Drew had a shoulder injury the past two weeks that he’s been nursing and took a massive sack earlier in the first half. He could have a rib/core injury from the sack, or there could be something related to his shoulder from the sack.

We will update once additional details are known.