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NFL Picks Week 12: Running Up That Hill

Week 11 proved to be the most unpredictable week in the NFL this season. What will this week have in store? Let’s look at what Week 12 has on the table this Thanksgiving!

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints face the Denver Broncos in the Mile High City, in Taysom Hill’s first road start. Although the fact that the Broncos are below average, the fact remains that the Saints haven’t beaten the Broncos since 1994. Denver has just had the Saints’ number and it will be no easy feat to break this unfortunate streak. Talk of a “trap game” will not be lost on this team and they will need to keep their focus at the level we’ve seen for most of the last few games.

This Thanksgiving has Saints fans thankful to see the team playing its best right now, thankful that they are once again able to win despite the loss of Drew Brees, and thankful to witness a defense that is playing at an exceptional level. If the Saints want to experience a Rocky Mountain High, they will need to make Hill’s climb not so steep by playing as inspired and dominant on defense as they have the past three weeks. Now that is a streak we’d all be thankful to see extended. Let’s take a look at this and all of the NFL action in Week 12.

Last week I went 7-7

I told you so: Titans over Ravens!

What do I know: Bucs over Rams?



Thursday, November 26th - Thanksgiving Day

Early Game - First Course

Texans(3-7) at Lions(4-6)

Deshaun Watson will carve up Detroit’s defense like the turkeys they are. Houston wins 25-23.

Pick: Texans


Late Game - Second Course

Washington FT(3-7) at Cowboys(3-7)

Neither team is very appetizing to watch, but they are both thankful to still be in the NFC East race. Dallas wins 27-21.

Pick: Cowboys


Sunday, November 29th - Early Games

Dolphins(6-4) at Jets(0-10)

Miami’s defense will choke out the Jets once again. Miami wins 24-13.

Pick: Dolphins


Cardinals(6-4) at Patriots(4-6)

Kyler Murray will be the difference maker in this one, having a big game in New England. Arizona wins 28-14.

Pick: Cardinals


Panthers(4-7) at Vikings(4-6)

Christian McCaffrey vs. Dalvin Cook is clearly the marquee matchup here and they will live up to the billing. Ultimately, Carolina will get just a little bit more from the passing game. Carolina wins 23-21.

Pick: Panthers


Browns(7-3) at Jaguars(1-9)

Baker Mayfield has one of his best games of the season, against this ugly Jacksonville defense. Cleveland wins 21-9.

Pick: Browns


Titans(7-3) at Colts(7-3)

Tennessee knows they can basically kiss their chances of winning the AFC South title goodbye if they lose for a second time to Indy this season, and they will play with that sense of desperation. Tennessee wins 28-17.

Pick: Titans


Giants(3-7) at Bengals(2-7-1)

Cincinnati was not good even with Joe Burrow, without him, they are dreadful. Giants win 36-0.

Pick: Giants


Chargers(3-7) at Bills(7-3)

The passing yards in this game will light up the scoreboard. Justin Herbert and Co. will keep up for the most part but will run out of steam in the second half. Buffalo wins 42-23.

Pick: Bills


Raiders(6-4) at Falcons(3-7)

Surprisingly, Atlanta will keep this game close. Unsurprisingly, they will botch it in the end. Las Vegas wins 29-24.

Pick: Raiders


Sunday, November 29th - Late Games

49ers(4-6) at Rams(7-3)

Los Angeles is too balanced and too healthy to fall to San Francisco for a second time this season. Los Angeles wins 28-24.

Pick: Rams


Chiefs(9-1) at Buccaneers(7-4) - Game of the Week

The Chiefs haven’t beaten the Bucs since 1993 and despite how great KC is and how up-and-down Tampa is, it won't be easy for the Chiefs to snap that streak. Tampa knows a loss here could send their psyche and their season into a tailspin, so they will be at their best. Unfortunately for the Bucs, it take a little more than their best to outlast the dangerous Chiefs. Tom Brady and Tampa will think they have it won until Patrick Mahomes quickly leads his team into field goal range where the Chiefs win the game as time expires. Kansas City wins 32-31.

Pick: Chiefs


Saints(8-2) at Broncos(4-6)

On paper, this looks to be a paint-by-numbers win for the Saints, but things get a little hazy up in the Denver elevation. The Broncos have been a tough team to get a beat on. They've lost a couple of really bad games, but for the most part they've been close in most of the losses they've experienced, despite having suffered tough injuries and being led by Drew Lock at quarterback. They simply aren't as bad as they should be.

Drew Lock is the type of quarterback that causes problems for the Saints, it’s not the All-Pro QB’s, not the MVP QB’s that stump the Saints, it’s the Drew Lock’s of the NFL. Who knows if it’s mental, if it’s coaching, or if it’s both, but these are the types of easy matchups that end up being not so easy. The Saints will win, but it will be a maddening experience to witness. In the end, it will be a record-setting game-winning field goal by Will Lutz that pulls victory from the clutches of defeat for the Saints, who will be thankful to leave the Rockies with a hard-earned win. Saints win 24-22.

Pick: Saints


Sunday Night Football

Bears(5-5) at Packers(7-3)

Aaron Rodgers will absolutely torch the Chicago defense in Lambeau. Green Bay wins 31-16.

Pick: Packers


Monday, November 30th - Monday Night Football

Seahawks(7-3) at Eagles(3-6-1)

Seattle’s defense may be dreadful, but it won't matter against Philly. Seattle wins 21-10.

Pick: Seahawks


Tuesday, December 1st - Tuesday Night Football

Ravens(6-4) at Steelers(10-0)

Much like their recent showdown, this will be another slugfest, but like that game, Pittsburgh will outlast Baltimore in the end. Pittsburgh wins 24-21.

Pick: Steelers


That’s how I see Week 12 going down. The Saints can take their winning streak to eight in a row, which will make this season that we’re all grateful for even better! Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below!