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Overreactions from Saints win over Falcons: Taysom Hill edition

Taysom Hill started for the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, here are some overreactions surrounding the quarterback.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints hosted the Atlanta Falcons last Sunday afternoon in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. While the 24-9 victory was impressive, as was the Saints defense, the real talk of the town was Taysom Hill’s performance.

The week leading up to the game saw uncertainty as to which quarterback between Jameis Winston and Hill would end up getting the start. I, for one, firmly believed it would it HAD to be Winston. Instead, head coach Sean Payton named Hill the starter, and the BYU product did not disappoint.

Thanks to a phenomenal starting debut, the overreactions regarding Hill have been flying through the media and on online platforms at warp speed. Here are a few of the biggest overreactions from the game:

Taysom Hill is the Saints franchise quarterback of the future

By now we have all heard Payton’s comments likening Hill to Steve Young, and the head coach wanted to prove to the world what Hill was made of. Hence, the decision to start the 30-year-old quarterback. Hill ended his debut with a 78.3% completion rate, 233 passing yards, 2 rushing touchdowns and a 108.9 rating. Not bad stuff at all for what was his first time starting under center in the NFL.

Hill was effective at leading a New Orleans offense that seemed just ever so slightly tweaked to help fit his strengths. But, what makes Taysom so effective is his legs and ability to be an absolute bully. He was allowed to make those plays still, albeit at a lesser rate, and that’s how his two rushing touchdowns came to fruition. Yet, his passing performance is what really stood out. With only 20 career passing attempts coming into the game we really had no idea what to expect. As seen by the chart above, he made some really good throws, and as our own Andrew Bell pointed out, Hill’s chart looked incredibly similar to a typical Drew Brees passing chart from any given game.

Yet, after all the praise I have thrown on to him these past few paragraphs, I still believe those calling him a franchise quarterback is overblown. One good game against a now 3-7 team is hardly anything to base these opinions off of. I’m not saying it’s impossible for Hill to become the franchise quarterback, but to inaugurate him as such after one start is an overreaction. Taysom likely has a few more matchups ahead of him until Brees’s return. If he can remain consistent and lead the team to victory against teams they should beat, then we can return to the debate.

Taysom Hill’s deep ball is a game-changer

A 57-yard touchdown pass to Emannuel Sanders that was called back by a holding penalty was the talk of the town on Sunday. Except the ball was woefully underthrown, and it wasn’t his only underthrown deep ball of the day. The narrative has been that Hill should be afforded the opportunity to throw it downfield even when Brees is healthy.

What we have come to find out is that while Hill can throw a nice pass and put some heat on it, the ability to actually judge timing, distance and then make an accurate throw has been suspect at best.

It is obvious that Hill can throw farther and put more juice on the ball than 41-year-old Drew. But, the fact that people are citing either of these two factors as a “game changer” is a total overreaction. One of Michael Thomas’s drops on the day was a fire fastball that Hill pitched to Thomas, and perhaps two of his ugliest throws were some of his longest. However, one of them was most likely caused by Hill getting hit in the leg as the ball was released, but he still hasn’t shown a propensity for being effective at the deep pass. One only needs to look at the film from the Minnesota Vikings game last season during the playoffs for another example.

The issues with Hill’s deep throws don’t stem from strength, but from timing. With more time working with receivers, the offense, and less with his other 100 positional groups, he could eventually become lethal with those passes. As for now, it is an overreaction to think his deep ball is a game changer.

Taysom Hill was the obvious decision over Jameis Winston

With all the lavished praise we in the media have thrown on Hill this week, I still think those saying starting Hill over Winston was the now obvious decision is an overreaction. I have stated numerous times that Winston’s pedigree and ability to make plays with his arm is something special. I also believe that Hill’s greatest strengths and impact to this team is in his ability to be good at everything. When you’re a starting quarterback you can’t do “everything.”

Again, we have only one game to go off of, and I’m not ready to say it was the absolute correct decision to give Hill the start. Taysom was incredibly effective against Atlanta, and has the ability to help the team win. No doubts there. I am gonna need a little bigger of a sample size before I can agree this was the right decision. I’ll be the first to admit Hill was the right choice if we can see consistency. He has the talent, but so does Winston.

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