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Saints 17 Broncos 0: 2nd half game thread

Battle of the, “defenses” I guess?

NFL: Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints win the toss and defer. The Denver Broncos start at the 25. Short rush for 2. From the wildcat the Broncos pick up the 1st and more. The Broncos QB does his best Taysom Hill impression and picks up 3. They rush for 4 more. 3rd and 3. Under pressure the emergency QB is forced to throw it away. Broncos punt.

Saints start at the 20. Latavius Murray rushes for 4. Alvin Kamara picks up the 1st. Taysom throws incomplete. Forced out of the pocket Taysom picks up 3. 3rd and 7.

Delay of game makes it 3rd and 12. Hill is sacked. Saints punt.

Broncos start at the 38. Cam Jordan makes a tackle for a 3 yard loss. Hand off picks up 1. Marshon Lattimore drops the easy interception. Broncos go 3 and out, punt.

Marquez Callaway returns it to the 28. Murray runs and loses the football James Hurst of the Saints falls on it. Gain of 4. Whew. Kamara Picks up 1. 3rd and 5. Taysom from the shotgun is sacked again. Saints punt.

Broncos fair catch at the 10. Broncos rush for 1. On the designed QB keep the Broncos make no gain. With nothing open the QB is forced to run and doesn’t get the 1st. Broncos punt.

Saints ball at the 23. Screen to Murray picks up 2. Designed QB keep picks up 4. 3rd and 4. Hill to Michael Thomas is short of the 1st. Broncos jump on 4th down giving the Saints the 1st. Murray picks up 7. Kamara breaks loose to the Broncos 38. End of 1st quarter. Murray runs for 4. Kamara rushes to the 20. Kamara is bottle up and gains only 1. Murray rushes for 5. 3rd and 4. Timeout Saints. Taysom keeps and gets the 1st. 1st and goal. Murray picks up a couple. Murray rushes to the one. 3rd and goal. Taysom Hill runs in for the touchdown. Extra point by Will Lutz is good. 7-0 Saints.

Broncos start at the 25. Broncos run for 1. Janoris Jenkins can’t hold onto the interception this time. 3rd and 9. Pass is batted down. Broncos punt.

Saints ball at the 27. Murray picks up 5. Murray runs for 7 and the 1st. Kamara for a short gain of almost 1. Hill under pressure is forced to throw it away. In ineligible player down field is declined. Kamara is blown up in the back field. Saints punt.

Broncos ball at the 25. Broncos lose 1. Deep pass defended by C.J. Gardner-Johnson. 3rd and 11. Incomplete with a declined holding penalty makes the Broncos punt.

Saints ball at the 34. Kamara is tackled for a 1 yard loss. Taysom Hill throws it away under pressure an a holding penalty backs the Saints up 10. 2nd and 21. Taysom over throws Jared Cook. 3rd and 21. Kamara runs for 3. Saints punt.

Broncos ball at the 36. Broncos rush for 6. Rush for 3. 3rd and 1. Saints recover the fumble off the bad snap.

Saints ball at the Broncos 13. Hill to Thomas for 3. 2 minute warning. Hill to Adam Trautman for 8 yards and the 1st. 1st and goal. Hill incomplete. Taysom keeps for the touchdown. Extra point is good. 14-0 Saints.

Broncos start at the 25. 1:03 to the half. Broncos pick up 2. Janoris Jenkins gets the interception. Jenkins limps off. Looks like his knee.

Saints ball at the 39. False start backs them up 5. Taysom to Thomas for the first at the Broncos 28. Will Lutz kicks the 40 yard fieldgoal. 17-0 Saints. Halftime.