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Murray, Saints grit and grind their way to a 31-3 win against quarterback-less Broncos.

Saints win for the first time since the 90s in Denver.

New Orleans Saints v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

First Half

The QB-less Broncos are going to start out with Philip Lindsay in the wildcat. Kendall Hinton comes in on 3rd and short and has to throw the ball away. Broncos will have to punt on the first drive.

Saints will start the drive after the touchback on the punt. Nothing going for the Saints either. Punt incoming

Denver starts at their own 38. The first play is a reverse to KJ Hamler, Cam Jordan pushes him out of bounds. Marshon almost intercepts the deep ball from Hinton. 3 and out anyway.

Callaway returns the punt to the 28. Murray fumbles on first down, but James Hurst is there to recover it. Hill sacked again. 3 and out for the Saints.

Another 3 and out here, it’s going to be a long day.

Saints start at the 26. Almost had another one, but on 4th and 1 the Saints offense stayed out and drew Denver offsides. Alvin Kamara with a fantastic 15 yard run. We’re already at the end of 1 here. A series of short runs have gotten the Saints into the redzone. Taysom Hill with an outside run for a TD. NO 7 - DEN 0.

3 and out for the Broncos.

Saints get a first down, but nothing after that.

Denver will start at their 25. 3 and out.

Marquez Callaway fair catch at the NO 34. 3 and out.

Denver starts at their 36. Philip Lindsay fumbled snap! Recovered by Kwon Alexander! Near TD, Garrett Bolles got to his legs.

Saints start at the DEN 13. Adam Trautman drags a couple defenders down to the 2 yard line for a first. Taysom power TD run. NO 14 - DEN 0.

Touchback. Kendall Hinton is picked off by Janoris Jenkins! Jackrabbit is hurt on the play.

Big catch and run for Michael Thomas to get the Saints back in field goal range before the end of the half. The FG from Lutz is good! NO 17 - DEN 0.

Second Half

Touchback and Saints ball to start the 3rd. 3 and out for the Saints. What’s new?

Denver starts on their 23 after the punt. Denver nearing midfield after a pass complete to Noah Fant. Interception by CJGJ!

Saints start at the 50. Taysom Hill fumbles the snap but falls on it. Next play is an interception by Essang Bassey.

Broncos start at the Saints 40. Nothing going, but they get points as McManus hits a 58 yard field goal. NO 17 - DEN 3.

Kickoff is brought back to the 18. Kamara and Murray with back to back solid runs as the Saints near midfield. Taysom with a big gain to the 36! Latavius Murray with a fantastic jump cut into wide open field, 36 yard TD run! NO 24 - DEN 3.

Touchback on the kickoff. Royce Freeman taking direct snaps now. They get a first down! Nothing else after that. Punt down to the NO 23.

Michael Thomas huge catch gets the Saints down near midfield. It’s now the Latavius Murray show. 7 yard TD for Murray’s second of the day! NO 31 - DEN 3.

Touchback. 1 play first down for the Broncos! And of course nothing after that.

Saints bring in the back ups and both teams just drain clock.


Here’s a Quarter by quarter breakdown of the events:

1st Quarter

  • Broncos start after a touchback.
  • Punt at midfield.
  • Touchback. Saints ball.
  • Not much going for the Saints.
  • Punt
  • Denver starts at their own 38.
  • Pick dropped by Marshon. 4th down. 3 and out.
  • Punt to returned to the NO 28 by Callaway.
  • 3 and out for the Saints.
  • 3 and out for the Broncos.
  • Saints start at the 26.
  • Kamara gets the Saints near midfield after a great run.

2nd Quarter

  • Saints marching into the redzone.
  • Taysom Hill 1 yard TD run.
  • NO 7 - DEN 0
  • 3 and out for the Broncos
  • Another bad drive for the Saints offense.
  • Denver will start on their own 25.
  • 3 and out.
  • Saints start at the 34.
  • 3 and out Saints.
  • Philip Lindsay fumble, recovery by Kwon.
  • Saints start at the DEN 13.
  • TD run for Taysom.
  • NO 14 - DEN 0
  • Touchback.
  • Interception by Janoris!
  • Big gain on a catch from Thomas!
  • Wil Lutz FG is good!
  • NO 17 - DEN 0

3rd Quarter

  • Touchback.
  • Saints ball.
  • 3 and out Saints.
  • Broncos start at the 23.
  • CJGJ picks off Hinton.
  • Saints start at the 50.
  • Essang Bassey picks off Taysom.
  • Broncos start at the 40.
  • McManus gets a career long 58 yard field goal.
  • NO 17 - DEN 3
  • Kickoff is brought to the 18.
  • Kamara and Murray getting loose to get the Saints to midfield.
  • Murray gets open with a great jump cut! 36 yard TD run!
  • NO 24 - DEN 3
  • Touchback.
  • Royce freeman starting to take snaps.

4th Quarter

  • Broncos have to punt again.
  • Saints start at their own 23.
  • Michael Thomas has Saints near midfield.
  • Latavius Murray imposing his will down to the redzone.
  • 7 yard TD run!
  • NO 31 - DEN 3
  • Another nothing drive for Denver.
  • Saints bring in back ups, both teams drain clock.