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Reggie Bush wanted either the Texans or Jets to draft him

Then Sean Payton called and demanded Bush be a Saint

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The story about a recent interview by Kevin Hart regarding Reggie Bush’s impending arrival to the New Orleans Saints is fascinating to say the least. If you haven’t seen it, the light hearted conversation from Kevin Hart on CTV Comedy Channel is an absolutely laugh out loud 15 minutes. Seriously, the clip starts with both men entering an ice cold tub talking about how the topic of Reggie Bush drafted by the New Orleans Saints.

Bush went into how challenging it was to be famous overnight without any real playbook to go by. People forget how a college football star becomes a multi millionaire within seconds of being drafted. “There was no blueprint to go through the ebbs and flows of life,” said Bush. “Everyone wanted a piece of me.”

Make no mistake, the point I’m making is not to feel pity for him. It’s a realization of young NFL rookies and NFL veterans are not the same. Regardless, if the player was the Heisman Trophy winner. Being the face of a university as Reggie Bush was at USC is totally different. Still, the road to becoming a first round draft pick is a long and winding road. The transfer of being a college football star to an NFL star is like going through a warp speed car wash.

Be that as it may, the real story to the background to where Bush ended up can be looked at in many different ways. Bush was a shoe-in to be the number one pick for the Houston Texans, until ESPN told him different the night before. Perhaps the jab to the ego was disappointing. On the other hand, his agents were giddy about the Texans passing on him. The New York Jets held the the third pick. “My agents were thinking, we want to go to New York, to go to the Jets. Bright lights and the big city.” It makes sense. Bush playing in New York surely made a ton of sense to him, and all the marketing dollars coming along with it.

But there was one problem. The one obstacle standing in his way was Sean Payton. This is exactly how it went down. “Sean Payton, dead serious, is like ‘F you,” Bush recollected. “I’m choosing Reggie Bush, he’s coming to the Saints.”

When all was said and done, Reggie Bush became a New Orleans Saint. Moreover, Bush eventually felt called to be there. “My first trip overlooking the city showed a city devastated by a natural disaster. Spray paint on houses designated the number of bodies in a house. That put life in perspective.”

Life can be looked at in two ways. In one way, life is full of random coincidences happening all the time. From relationships to places — to making a home for himself. On the other hand, the outcomes of extraordinary circumstances seem to be too improbable to be simply random. In other words, there is no chance random encounters. Everything happens for a reason. Reggie Bush would no doubt second that!

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