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Saints 31 Buccaneers 0 2nd half game thread

Saints dominating in a surprising low Ref interfering game.

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
Miss those days!
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Saints win the rate toss and defer. Buccaneers start at the 25. Cameron Jordan hits Tom Brady as he throws his 1st pass, incomplete. Bucs rush for 7. 3rd and 3. Incomplete and the Bucs go 3 and out.

Saints ball at the 35. Drew Brees checks down to Alvin Kamara for a gain of 6. . Brees to Michael Thomas for the 1st. Midfield. Brees scrambles and completes to Josh Hill for the 1st. In Bucs territory. Brees to Marquis Callaway for 6. Hand off to Latavius Murray for 2. 3rd and 3. Taysom Hill passes to Jared Cook to the Bucs 16. Kamara rushes for no gain. Jason Pierre-Paul almost picks Brees. Brees to Tre’Quan Smith in the endzone. Touchdown Saints. Will Lutz is money. 7-0 Saints.

Buccaneers start at the 25. Brady deep to no one. Bucs rush for 7 but is called back for holding. 2nd and 20. Brees completes for 6. 3rd and 14. Another 3 and out for the Saints defense. Bucs punt.

Saints ball at the 34. Brees deep to Harris who breaks tackles and makes it to the Bucs 26. Murray picks up 2. Brees to Thomas for 4. 3rd and 4. Brees to Murray inches short of the 1st. 4th down. Saints go for it and pick up the 1st. Bruce Arians challenges in what is a wasted timeout. Taysom Hill in and rushes for 3. Bees to Jared Cook who fumbles it.

Buccaneers ball at their 2 yard line. Bucs rush for 1. Brady goes deep to Antonio Brown and is almost intercepted. Brees incomplete. Buccaneers punt from deep in their own endzone.

Harris returns to the Bucs 35 yard line after slipping down at the 40. Kamara rushes for 17. Brees to Thomas to the 10. Kamara picks up the 1st down. 1st and goal at the 8. Kamara picks up 1. Brees to Adam Trautman for the touchdown. Extra point is good. 14-0 Saints. End of 1st quarter.

Buccaneers start just shy of the 20. Brady to Scotty Miller who is forced out, incomplete. Brady pass for 7. 3rd and 3. Brady goes deep to nobody again. 3 and out. Bucs punt.

Deonte Harris returns it to midfield. Brees checks down to Kamara for a loss of 6. 2nd and 16. Brees deep to Taysom Hill for 21 yards. Taysom Hill in at QB, wants to throw but no one is open and rushes to the 12. Brees has to throw it away. Brees to Emmanuel Sanders for the touchdown. Extra point is good. 21-0 Saints.

Buccaneers start at the 24. Brady completes to Tyler Johnson for their first 1st down. Brady pass is picked by David Onyemata.

Saints ball at the Buccaneers 27. Brees incomplete to Thomas. Kamara rushes for 5. 3rd and 5. Brees to Sanders for the 1st at the 13. Taysom in at QB and runs to the 1 yard line. 1st and goal. Kamara runs in for the touchdown. Extra point is good. 28-0 Saints.

Buccaneers start at the 25. Brady to Chris Godwin to the 45. Brady dumps off to Leonard Fournette for 7. Brady hands off to Fournette who is stopped at the line of scrimmage. 3rd and 3. Brady completes for the 1st to the Saints 42. Brady screen to Fournette for a couple. Brady to Rob Gronkowski for 2. 3rd and 6. Timeout Bucs. 5:08 to the half. Brady to Godwin incomplete. 4th down. Bucs go for it incomplete deep.

Saints ball at the 38. Kamara rushes for 11. Brees to Michael Thomas to the Bucs 31. Hand off to Murray loses 2. Brees to Sanders for the 1st. Brees incomplete to Sanders. Brees checks down to Trautman for a couple. 2 minute warning. Brees to Cook who can’t hold on. Will Lutz kicks the 36 yard fieldgoal. 31-0 Saints. 1:50 to the half.

Buccaneers start at the 25. Brady complete to Brown for the 1st. Brady to Mike Evans for another 1st. Brady throws an interception to Marcus Williams.

Saints ball at their 15, Worst field position for the Saints tonight. Drew takes a knee. Saints get the ball to start the 2nd half.