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CSC’s fantasy studs and duds from Week 9

New Orleans Saints embarrass alleged “GOAT” on Sunday Night Football

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Well that was fun. The New Orleans Saints have beaten the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so badly it’s a wonder that NBC was allowed to show such a viscous beat down on live television. Tom Brady played maybe the worst game of his career as the Saints defense picked him off and sacked him three times each. Hopefully you were not relying on any Buccaneers to pull off a potential comeback this week, as not a single Buccaneer cracked double figures in standard PPR scoring.

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

STUD: Drew Brees

Brees looked like he was 31 rather than 41 on Sunday night, as the future Hall of Famer reminded us all just how great he has been in primetime in his career. Brees finished with 22 points, just 3 yards shy of tying his season high in fantasy points. From a non-fantasy perspective however, this was clearly Brees’s best game of the season. The all-time leader in touchdown passes finally had a fully healthy receiving corps as Michael Thomas returned to action on Sunday night to lead the team in receptions and yards. By the way, Brees had a perfect passer rating on passes that travelled more than 10-yards in the air so lets put that narrative to bed. With a fully intact group of receivers, Brees is starting to creep back into the conversation of being a top 10 play at QB.

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Dud: Literally every Buccaneer

Yeah that’s right all 11 of them. The Buccaneers had 11 players register fantasy points this week and if you add up all the points they scored they still do not equal the amount Dalvin Cook or Kyler Murray had this week. Every single player except one, shoutout to Tyler Johnson, scored under their projected total. Also shoutout to Mike Evans who led the team with 8 points, despite still not catching a single ball while being covered by Marshon Lattimore. This was one of the best performances by a Saints defense in recent memory, and also probably the worst performance of Tom Brady’s career, so I wouldn’t worry too much if you have any of the Bucs players on your roster as they will look to get back on track next week at Carolina.

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

STUD: Saints D/ST

The Saints defense once again had a stellar performance against the Buccaneers, scoring 16 points against the “loaded” Buccaneer offense. The Saints D/ST has scored 33 points against the Bucs this year but has also only combined for 18 points against the rest of their opponents this season. This drop off is somewhat concerning as unfortunately New Orleans can’t play the Bucs every week. However, the Saints D/ST are looking like a unit that can take advantage of good matchups to turn in good fantasy performances. They have games coming up against the 49ers Broncos Eagles and Vikings, all teams that can yield a decent amount of fantasy points to opposing defenses. Look to them as a good plug and play option if you need one at D/ST.

Season Standings

Drew Brees continues to inch closer to Alvin Kamara in the race for fantasy MVP, while the Saints D/ST is a surprise in solo third place. Michael Thomas and Jared Cook will have to get going soon if they want to avoid being named fantasy LVP this year, and I expect them to very soon.

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