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Jalen Hurts impresses in debut, the Saints offense does not. Eagles win 24-21.

Taysom Hill had his fair share of ups and downs today in the Saints loss.

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

First Half

Tommylee Lewis gets a good return out to the 32 to start things. Nothing happening for the New Orleans Saints though, 3 and out.

Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles will start their first drive on their 27. Hurts and Sanders combining for a bunch of small runs to drive the Eagles down field. A good drive up until an illegal shift and false start turn 3rd and 1 to 3rd and 11. Hurts gets them into 4 down territory after a good run. Malcolm Jenkins stops Miles Sanders for a 3 yard loss and Saints ball!

Saints will start on their own 37. Michael Thomas starting to return to form for an 18 yard gain and getting past midfield! Michael Thomas getting a lot of looks this drive. Wil Lutz will come out for a 45 yard attempt, that is no good.

Eagles ball on their 27. Jalen Reagor is WIDE open and gets a 39 yard gain deep into Saints territory. Looks like a bad missed OPI call upon further inspection. 15 yard TD to Alshon Jeffery. PHI 7 - NO 0.

Touchback, Saints start at the 25. Alvin Kamara made a great move to get a first down, so close to breaking it. Not much after that though. Saints will punt after a bad drop by TQS.

Touhcback on the punt. Gentleman’s 3 and out for the Eagles. Punt incoming.

Saints start on the 20. Taysom Hills throws too fast at Kamara and the deflection is intercepted by former LSU LB Duke Riley.

Eagles ball at the NO 32. 3 and out for the Eagles. Jake Elliot nails a 44 yard field goal. PHI 10 - NO 0.

Saints will start on their 27 after the return. Saints get near midfield. Michael Thomas is looking great today. Duke Riley comes up with another good play on 3rd and short to stop Taysom Hill short of a first.

Thomas Morstead’s punt has an incredible Saints bounce, Philly will start at their 4. Hurts gets a good run on 2nd down and will get it to their 18. Miles Sanders breaks through the defense for an 82 yard TD run. PHI 17 - NO 0.

Touchback. 3 and out. Punt incoming.

Starts at the PHI 23. Eagles driving. Hurts running all over the place. Hurts into field goal range. Jake Elliot doinks a 22 yard field goal, saving the Saints from total embarassment.

Second Half

Touchback and Eagles ball to start. 3 and out Philly.

Saints start at their 35. Michael Thomas for a first down and getting to midfield on the first play. Juwan Johnson makes his second catch and it’s good for a first down. Continuing to move the ball after a first down to Jared Cook. First and goal Saints after Hill finds a wide open Kamara. Kamara finds the endzone on a toss after a great block by Adam Trautman. PHI 17 - NO 7.

Touchback. Jalen Hurts has been killing the Saints on the ground all night. Miles Sanders gets the Eagles past midfield and the no 100 yard rusher streak finally dies. Goodnight sweet prince. Jalen Hurts is met by the entire Saints defense on 4th and 1. Saints ball!

Saints will start on their 40. On 3rd and 9, Michael Thomas gets open for a 22 yard gain and gets past midfield. Taysom Hill finds Emmanuel Sanders with a beautiful catch on a BOMB for a 37 yard TD. PHI 17 - NO 14.

Touchback. Jalen Hurts buys the Eagles a first down with his legs but the defense steps up after that. Punt goes down to the Saints 5 yard line.

A screen to Adam Trautman on 2nd down is good for 12 and a first down. Hill finds TQS for a 20 yard gain. On the next play Smith turns a 9 yard loss into a 9 yard gain to bring up 2nd and 1. Kamara shows off his insane contact balance and gets past midfield.


Eagles ball at midfield. Reagor gets eagles down to the 11 after a big play. Defensive holding gets the Eagles first and goal. Miles Sanders TD run. PHI 24 - NO 14.

Touchback. Taysom has the Saints driving however, as the Saints are getting deep into Philly territory. As soon as I type that out Sweat sacks Taysom for a loss of 7. Javon Hargrave with another sack for Philly. Wil Lutz misses the 57 yard field goal.

Philly will look to just run clock. Saints could get it back with around 40 seconds left. Jalen Hurts fumble.

Tre’Quan Smith with another big catch. Jared Cook FANTASTIC TD catch. PHI 24 - NO 21.

Saints ALMOST get the onside, but it doesn’t work out for them. Eagles will get the win.


Here’s a Quarter by quarter breakdown of the events:

1st Quarter

  • Tommylee Lewis return to the 32.
  • 3 and out for NO.
  • Philly starts on their 27.
  • A bunch of short plays get them past midfield.
  • Turnover on downs!
  • Saints start on their own 37.
  • Michael Thomas gets the Saints past midfield.
  • Wil Lutz misses 45 yarder.
  • Eagles ball on their 27.
  • Reagor gets a 39 yard gain and is tackled right outside of the redzone.

2nd Quarter

  • 15 yard fade to Alshon Jeffery for a TD.
  • PHI 7 - NO 0
  • Touchback.
  • One first down, not much else.
  • Touchback on the punt.
  • One first down but that’s it.
  • Saints start on the 20.
  • Interception on a bullet to Kamara.
  • 3 and out for eagles.
  • 44 yard field goal for Jake Elliot.
  • PHI 10 - NO 0
  • Saints stall after getting to midfield.
  • Philly will start on their 4 after a good punt.
  • 82 yard TD run for Miles Sanders.
  • PHI 17 - NO 0
  • Touchback.
  • 3 and out.
  • Jalen Hurts driving down field as time goes down.
  • Jake Elliot doinks a 22 yard field goal as time expires.

3rd Quarter

  • Touchback and Eagles ball.
  • 3 and out.
  • Saints start at their 35.
  • Michael Thomas gets Saints to midfield.
  • Kamara sets the Saints up 1st and goal.
  • Kamara TD run!
  • PHI 17 - NO 7
  • Touchback.
  • Miles Sanders gets the Eagles past midfield.
  • Turnover on downs.
  • Saints will start on their 40.
  • Hill finds CGM open for 22 on 3rd down. Past midfield.
  • 37 yard TD for Emmanuel Sanders from Taysom Hill@
  • PHI 17 - NO 14
  • Touchback.
  • Not much for Philly.

4th Quarter

  • Punt pins the Saints down at their 5.
  • Trautman gets breathing room.
  • Kamara past midfield.
  • Taysom Hill fumble.
  • Eagles ball at midfield.
  • Reagor has the eagles knocking on goal to go.
  • Miles Sanders TD run.
  • PHI 24 - NO 14
  • Touchback.
  • Hill has the Saints past midfield.
  • Lutz misses 57 yard field goal.
  • Philly trying to chew clock.
  • Jalen Hurts fumbles at midfield.
  • Saints ball.
  • Jared cook with a fantastic TD catch.
  • PHI 24 - NO 21
  • Eagles recover the onside.