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Quotes after the Saints fall to the Eagles include Sean Payton taking the blame for the loss

Important quotes from after the game.

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Payton

On the two-minute offense under Drew Brees versus Taysom Hill:

“When you take someone who has played as long as Drew, the two-minute is obviously going to be different. Significantly, from an experience standpoint.”

On the offense’s struggles:

“I don’t think we did much of anything well in the first half....We have to be better and do a better job, and that starts with me. I felt we were flat.... Overall, you have to tip your hat to Philadelphia. They deserved to win today.”

On what’s to blame for the Saints poor play:

“It’s hard to point to one specific thing, but it’s something as a coach you think about every week. Are we ready to play? Did we do everything necessary to be ready to play? You evaluate your preparation, and we didn’t do a good enough job as coaches, starting with myself, in preparing our guys and getting ready. At halftime, we came back out with a little bit of juice and energy, making it a closer game. But clearly, we didn’t play one of our better games today. That was obvious.”

Taysom Hill

On the offense’s slow start:

“I just feel like there were little things every drive that killed drives. We weren’t converting on third down. Some of those were favorable situations where we were third-and-short and manageable where you’re trying to get to. At the end of the day, I think obviously we came out flat.”

On losing another fumble:

“I mean you never want to lose a fumble. It’s fourth down. You’re standing in the play. You get hit in the back. It is what it is. I don’t know what the outcome would’ve been differently if you chuck the ball versus trying to make something happen in that situation.”

Malcolm Jenkins

On the team’s overall performance:

“I think anytime you don’t execute, it’s hard to have energy, and therefore you come out flat. So, I think that the biggest thing is we didn’t execute early. So, it’s hard to generate energy, it’s hard to generate momentum when you’re not playing well. And that leads to looking flat. So, I think for us, is just honing in on the details, making sure everybody does their job, not trying to do too much. And then making the plays that come to you without forcing it. And we got to that later, but obviously a little bit too late.”

Doug Pederson

On the Eagles’ ability to find success in the run game:

“Coach Stoutland [offensive line/run game coordinator Jeff Stoutland] does a great job studying the front and what these guys do. We kept it to where we could have more probably repeat plays and just execution with the guys up front. Guys did a nice job there, and it was fun to watch them out there play and get this win today.”

On Jalen Hurts:

“It took everybody in uniform to win this game, not just one guy. And I’m going to repeat myself again that it takes a village to get this stuff done, and Jalen was a part of it, yes. But it took a team effort to win, honestly. Again, I talked about the defense earlier, the plays that they made just time and time again. Again, Jalen was a part of it. It’s great to get this win. These guys are excited. It’s been awhile since we’ve won a football game. I’m happy for those guys in the locker room, for the coaches, the hard work that everybody put into this. But we’ve still got three games left and got a great opportunity. We’ve got to go on the road here the next couple weeks and try to continue it again.”

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