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NFL Picks Week 15: Living Vicariously

Week 14 was an unpredictable one with some unbelievable finishes. Now we take a look at all the NFL action in Week 15.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints face the Kansas City Chiefs in what has been one of the most anticipated matchups of the year. The reigning Super Bowl Champions come into the Superdome white-hot, riding an eight-game winning streak. The Saints, on the other hand, should be coming into this one on a ten-game winning streak, but instead are coming off a bitterly disappointing loss a week ago. That loss, coupled with the less-anticipated quarterback matchup, have put a slight damper on this huge matchup.

Since Week 11, Drew Brees has had to live vicariously through Taysom Hill, waiting for his chance to take the reigns of his team once again. Hoping his chance would come against the top quarterback in the league today, Patrick Mahomes, but that matchup is simply not meant to take place just yet. Once again, Drew will have to live vicariously through Taysom until he gets his Christmas wish to return to the field for Week 16.

Let’s take a look at this and all of the upcoming action in Week 15.

Last week I went 9-7

I told you so: Bucs over Vikings!

What do I know: Dolphins over Chiefs?



Thursday, December 17th - Thursday Night Football

Chargers(4-9) at Raiders(7-6)

Las Vegas keeps their playoff hopes alive, with a desperately-needed win over their division rivals. Las Vegas wins 27-22.

Pick: Raiders


Saturday, December 19th - Saturday NFL Special - Game 1

Bills(10-3) at Broncos(5-8)

Buffalo continues to roll here in Denver. Buffalo wins 21-14.

Pick: Bills


Saturday, December 19th - Saturday NFL Special - Game 2

Panthers(4-9) at Packers(10-3)

Aaron Rodgers and the lethal Packers passing attack will blast Carolina off the map. Green Bay wins 38-16.

Pick: Packers


Sunday, December 20th - Early Games

49ers(5-8) at Cowboys(4-9)

Dallas’ disappointing defense will have one of their most surprising games of the season in this one. Dallas wins 19-17.

Pick: Cowboys


Seahawks(9-4) at Washington FT(6-7)

Seattle’s defense has climbed the ranks from atrocious to just plain bad. That's all they’ll need to beat Washington. Seattle wins 21-17.

Pick: Seahawks


Bears(6-7) at Vikings(6-7)

Minnesota knows the playoffs start now for them. A loss will torpedo their chances to make the Wild Card, so expect the Vikings the be at their absolute best this week. Minnesota wins 25-17.

Pick: Vikings


Patriots(6-7) at Dolphins(8-5)

Miami rebounds from a tough loss a week ago by beating their hated division rivals. Miami wins 29-13.

Pick: Dolphins


Jaguars(1-12) at Ravens(8-5)

Baltimore will steamroll the pathetic Jacksonville defense. Baltimore wins 24-17.

Pick: Ravens


Buccaneers(8-5) at Falcons(4-9)

Tom Brady and the Bucs offense will pass the ball with ease on the Atlanta defense. Tampa wins 32-10.

Pick: Buccaneers


Lions(5-8) at Titans(9-4)

Tennessee’s offense will topple Detroit both on the ground and through the air. Tennessee wins 28-17.

Pick: Titans


Texans(4-9) at Colts(9-4)

In typical fashion, Deshaun Watson will have a monster game but will still come up short to Indy’s balanced attack. Indianapolis wins 24-21.

Pick: Colts


Sunday, December 17th - Late Games

Eagles(4-8-1) at Cardinals(7-6)

This battle of former Oklahoma star quarterbacks will be startlingly one-sided. Kyler Murray will soar with a stellar 3 passing TD, 2 rushing TD performance, while Jalen Hurts crashes to earth with an ugly 3 INT, 2 fumble performance in the Arizona desert. Arizona wins 41-6.

Pick: Cardinals


Jets(0-13) at Rams(9-4)

When the worst offense in the league faces the top-ranked defense in the NFL, well, this happens. Los Angeles wins 49-3.

Pick: Rams


Chiefs(12-1) at Saints(10-3) - Game of the Week

This one is pretty simple, with a healthy Drew Brees at quarterback, the Saints can win this game. The problem is that they don't have that critical element going into this game. Once again, Taysom Hill will start in Brees’ place, likely for the last time this season, and Hill doesn't have the tools and the intangibles to win a matchup this big.

The Saints defense, despite an alarming performance a week ago, is still one of the very best in this league. They faced a rookie quarterback that nobody had any film on last week, and they clearly look past that game as they looked forward to this one. This Saints defense will be ready for this one and know they have to be on another level to deal with Patrick Mahomes and the spectacular Kansas City offense.

The problem for the Saints defense is that they will eventually tire from having to lift such an enormous burden without Brees leading the other side. Sean Payton will be up to the task on offense and will scheme Hill and the offense to the best of Taysom’s abilities, but they simply won't have enough to outlast the Chiefs this time. Unfortunately... Kansas City wins 29-25.

Pick: Chiefs


Sunday Night Football

Browns(9-4) at Giants(5-8)

Cleveland rebounds from their primetime loss in last week’s Game of the Year contender, with a dominant primetime win this week. Cleveland wins 41-13.

Pick: Browns


Monday, December 21st- Monday Night Football

Steelers(11-2) at Bengals(2-10-1)

Pittsburgh is reeling from back-to-back losses after an 11-0 start, but Cincy provides that bounce-back opponent that the Steelers need as they prepare for the upcoming playoffs. Pittsburgh wins 26-3.

Pick: Steelers


That’s how I see Week 15 playing out as we approach the end of the 2020 NFL Season. Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below!