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Chiefs 14 Saints 9: 2nd half thread

Man what a wacky game so far. Saints receive to start the second half.

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs will receive the opening kickoff. That means the New Orleans Saints will get the ball to start the second half.

Chiefs wind up punting on their first series.

The Saints go 3 and out and punt.

The Chiefs get the back at the 34 after we punt. Mahomes throws incomplete. Mahomes throws deep and is intercepted by Williams but a illegal contact flag negates it, Mahomes is forced to dump it off for a 5 a yard loss. 3rd and 15. Mahomes goes deep and CJG defendss the pass. They punt again.

Tommylee Lewis fields it at the 5 and returns to the 22. Brees incomplete to Kamara. Kamara rushes for 5. 3rd and 5. Brees throws and interception.

Chiefs ball at our 36. Chiefs rush for a couple. Originally called a fumble recovered by the Chiefs for a touchdown is called back. Player was down before the fumble. Offsides Saints makes it 2nd and 4. False start Chiefs. 2nd and 9. Incomplete. 3rd and 9. Mahomes to Kelce for the 1st. Mahomes scrambles to pick on the 1st. Chiefs are holding now and no flags. Pass for 5. 3rd and 5. CJG goes to the tent. Mahomes to Tyrek Hill for the touchdown. Extra point is good. 7-0 Chiefs.

Saints start at the 25. Kamara picks up 3. Kamara for 3 more. 3rd and 4. Chiefs players down injury timeout. Brees throws for Emmanuel Sanders and missed. Saints punt.

Chiefs ball at the 20. Mahomes complete for a 1st. Granderson sacks Mahomes. Complete for 9. 3rd and 9. Under lots of pressure Mahomes scrambles and completes to the Saints 41. Incomplete. A perfectly timed pass gains another KC 1st down. End around loses 5. Mahome is force to throw it away. 3rd and 15. Complete to Hill . 1st and goal at the 4. 2nd and goal at the 1. End of the 1st. Quick flip to Kelce for the touchdown. Extra point is good. 14-0 Chiefs.

Saints start at the 25. Off the fingertips of Johnson. Incomplete. Latavius Murray runs for 3. 3rd and 7. Brees is sacked. Saints punt. Michael Thomas is sorely missed here.

Chiefs start at the 30. Mahomes pass is tipped, incomplete. Mahomes throws to no one and no intentional grounding flag. Hendrickson hits Mahomles as he throws incomplete. Chiefs punt.

Saints ball at the 34. Kamara rushes for 7. Brees connects with Kamara for the 1st, 1st down. Josh Hill can’t hold on to a good pass by Brees. 2nd down and 10. Brees screen to Murray is a bad throw. Brees completes deep to the KC 3. Taysom Hill runs in for the TD but is ruled short Sean Payton throws the challenge flag and loses. That’s totally BS. Ruling stands. Taysom shows them and runs it in himself. Extra point is good 14-7 Chiefs. Refs are trying to decide this game I guess.

Chiefs start at the 25. Chiefs run for 8. Run for 3 and the 1st. Mahomes fumbles out of bounds after multiple hits. CEH runs for 8. 3rd and 2. CEH picks up the 1st to the Saints 49. CEH runs for 7. Short gain of 1. 3rd and 2. Pass is defended by Marshon Lattimore. 4th down. Chiefs are going for it and then take a timeout. Mahomes makes a forward pass with illegal touching. 5 yard penalty. 4th and 7. Chiefs decide to punt.

Saints fair catch at the 9. Kamara runs for 11. Murray picks up 2. Holding by Ruiz backs them up 10. 2nd and 16. Kamara picks up 2. Andrus peat is down. Injury timeout Saints. Screen to Kamara who drops it. Saints punt. Flags on both teams. Fouls offset. Replay the punt.

Chiefs ball at the 36. CEH runs and carries the Saints forward for 6. Complete to Tyrek for 2, 3rd and 2. 2 minute warning. Chiefs run for the 1st. Mahomes is sacked by Trey Hendrickson. Timeout Saints. Trey Hendrickson hits Mahomes and forces the incompletion. 3rd and 12. Incomplete deep. Chiefs punt.

Lewis fair catch at the 14. Personal foul after the play was called on Granderson. Have the distance to the goal. Saints ball at the 7. Kamara runs for the 1st. Jared Cook catches for 6. Brees incomplete deep. Who was he throwing to? Incomplete to Johnson. Saints punt.

Chiefs fumble the ball into the endzone and the Saints get a safety. 2 points. 14-9 Chiefs. 3 seconds to the half. Lewis makes a nice return but it’s halftime.