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New Orleans Saints drop game to Kansas City Chiefs in potential Super Bowl matchup

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has struggled early thus far against the Kansas City Chiefs

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

First Half

New Orleans Saints defer to start the half, Kansas City Chiefs start on their own 25. They begin with a first down but the drive eventually ends on a third and five incompletion to Tyreek Hill.

Saints get the ball on their own 23 and don’t do a lot with it, a few incompletions to Taysom Hill and Tre’Quan Smith after a decent Alvin Kamara run lead to a punt.

Once again the Chiefs stagnate after just one first down, on 3rd & 15 C.J. Gardner-Johnson makes a great play makes a terrific play to punch the ball out from Mecole Hardman and force a punt.

After an ominous incompletion to Alvin Kamara to start the drive, Drew Brees gets picked off by L’Jarius Snead after Lil’Jordan Humphrey slips on a curl route. Chiefs will get the ball on the Saints 36-yard line.

Chiefs have the ball third-and-4 on the Saints 4-yard line. Mahomes rolls out and finds Tyreek Hill wide open in the end zone, Chiefs take the lead after it looked like the Saints might be able to hold after the interception. Chiefs 7, Saints 0

After yet another Saints 3-and-out, Mahomes orchestrates a completely ridiculous drive. After numerous pressures, the Chiefs eventually punch it in with a nifty little pitch play to Travis Kelce. The Chiefs offensive line appears overpowered, but the Saints have trouble closing the pocket on Mahomes. Chiefs 14, Saints 0

Saints and Chiefs trade 3-and-outs, with the Chiefs’ culminating in a big hit from Trey Hendrickson. Saints respond with a huge 3rd and 10 completion from Brees to Emmanuel Sanders to get the ball to the 1 yard line. Taysom Hill gets robbed of a touchdown on an option right before punching it in. Wil Lutz hits the extra point. Chiefs 14, Saints 7

On 3rd and short, former LSU standout Clyde Edwards-Helaire spins forward for a first down before getting another carry for eight yards. The Chiefs appear to be willing to challenge the Saints on the ground after seeing a lot of ups and downs passing early on. On another third and short, Marshon Lattimore makes an incredible play swatting the ball out of Kelce’s hands on a naked bootleg to force fourth down.

Fourth-and-2, Chiefs from the Saints 42: On a bizarre play Chiefs get called for illegal touching after Mahomes completes a pass to... Stephen Wisniewski?

On 4th and 7 the Chiefs will now punt.

Alvin Kamara gives the drive a promising start from the Saints 9. He carries for a first down out to the 20. The drive fizzles after a Cesar Ruiz holding call on a screen while Andrus Peat goes into the medical tent — rough series for the Saints offensive line. Leads to a Morstead punt down to the Chiefs 36.

Trey Hendrickson picks up yet ANOTHER sack on the season, continuing his ridiculous year. The Chiefs immediately burn a timeout in the 2-minute drill. Coming out of the timeout, Hendrickson gets pressure again and forces an incompletion, Chiefs now in 3rd & 12. Marcus Williams lays out a wide open Hardman on a deep throw from Mahomes to force fourth down.

To start the up-tempo offense, Brees hits Kamara for a 21-yard gain to get out from under the Saints own goalposts. After that the Saints don’t get anything going, culminating in an incompletion to Juwan Johnson on 3rd &4. With 20 seconds left in the half, the Saints will punt it away.

With Hardman out of the game, the Chiefs muff the punt! Alex Anzalone very nearly recovers the ball in the end zone, but he muffs it himself out the back of the endzone for a safety. Chiefs 14 Saints 9

Tommylee Lewis takes the free kick for good yardage, but is eventually shoved out to end the half. Saints will receive the ball to start the second half.

Second Half

We’re underway in the second half, the Chiefs kick it through the end zone and the Saints will start from their own 25. Peat is back in the game as Brees finds Smith wide open. Brees also takes a roughing the passer penalty from Chris Jones. That looked more like vintage Brees, finding the soft spot in a quarters defense. After a four-yard Murray loss, Snead gets flagged for pass interference covering the Saints’ backup QB.

It appears every play this quarter will be flagged.

Kamara has looked explosive running the ball all game, unfortunately as much of this game has been played from behind he hasn’t been able to showcase it much. Brees makes an incredible play under duress to find Latavius Murray leaking out for a touchdown! Saints fail the two-point conversion as Brees was looking for Kamara. Saints 15, Chiefs 14.

Following an Edwards-Helaire first down, the Chiefs find themselves in 3rd & 5. Mahomes makes a jump pass to Sammy Watkins over the middle for a first down. Chiefs are now in field goal range after a 20-yard gain. On a ridiculous throw, the Chiefs score to Hardman on a throw that looked like it was out of the end zone. Chiefs convert the extra point. Chiefs 21, Saints 15.

Saints follow the TD drive with a 3 & out, featuring a baffling Lewis drop. Brees now 7 of 20 on the game, this isn’t making the defense’s job any easier.

The penalties continue. A Janoris Jenkins pass interference is succeeded by a Sammy Watkins block in the back which is followed by a C.J. Gardner-Johnson hold. After all of that it’s 1st & 10 Chiefs. Saints force a 3rd and 10 but another completion to Hill puts the Chiefs in Saints territory. On an ensuing 3rd & 9, Williams dropped an interception and limped off the field. Non-contact limp makes you think the worst. Hopefully he’s OK. Chiefs will punt. Saints will have the ball decent field position.

Saints go 3 & out again after Brees throws to a spot rather than a person. A lot of miscommunication today between Brees and his receivers, as Jared Cook flattened his route. For a bright spot, Saints special teams has been outstanding.

The Chiefs are driving as the fourth quarter begins. On 3rd & 1 Mahomes scrambles for a first down to start the quarter. Cameron Jordan gets called for a baffling unnecessary rougness on a 2nd & 10 incompletion. Debilitating to give this offense extra chances. Jordan has been ejected from the game, so the Saints will have to ride with Marcus Davenport and Hendrickson.

Chiefs immediately capitalize on his absence with an option from Mahomes to Le’Veon Bell. Chiefs score from 13 yards out to make it a two-possession game. They convert the two-point conversion on a scoop to Kelce. Chiefs 29, Saints 15

The next drive starts an incompletion to Jared Cook, Brees and Cook just aren’t clocking right now. Saints end up with yet another 3 & out after an incompletion to Humphrey. Morstead comes out for his eighth punt.

Mahomes gets hit once again on a third down by Hendrickson and Granderson and fumbles. Kwon Alexander covers up the ball at the Chiefs 25. The Saints defense gives them new life once again. Offense has to capitalize.

We are now at “throwing the ball to Trey Burton on first down” on the depth chart. HUGE play from Kamara to capitalize after a first down on the jet sweep and punch it into the end zone. Saints close it to a one-possession game. Chiefs 29, Saints 22.

The Saints have their never say die attitude, but the Chiefs make it hard. After just a few plays they’re deep in Saints territory following a ridiculous catch from Hill and a big run from Mahomes. A wobbler finds Kelce to make it 1st & goal.

Edwards-Helaire is injured for the Chiefs after an awkward landing. He gets helped off the field. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious for the rookie.

Saints force a field goal for the Chiefs on a nice containment from Granderson. They have 4:21 to make up two possessions, no small task, especially with the offensive struggles we’ve seen. Chiefs 32, Saints 22.

Saints convert a huge fourth down on the following drive with a completion to Cook and the Saints quickly drive down the field for a touchdown to Humphrey. Saints are still alive in this game. Chiefs 32, Saints 29.

Chiefs come out out of the 2-minute warning with a 2nd-and-8 first down to Kelce. A hard job just got even harder as the Saints now have one timeout left. After a first down run Bell bounces outside and picks up a first down. After being briefly shaken up he looks OK on the sideline. The Chiefs will come out of this game with a win after three kneel downs.

Final: Chiefs 32, Saints 29.