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New t-shirt commemorates Alvin Kamara’s historic day

Buy yours here to commemorate Kamara matching a 90-year-old NFL record.

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New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara had a historic day yesterday, scoring six rushing touchdowns against the Minnesota Vikings on Christmas Day.

His performance contributed to numerous achievements on the day:

  • The Saints clinched their fourth-consecutive NFC South title,
  • The Vikings were officially eliminated from the postseason, and
  • A record has been matched that was left unchallenged since 1929.

Kamara became the first NFL player to rush for six touchdowns in a single game since Hall of Famer Ernie Nevers accomplished the feat back in 1929 for the Chicago Cardinals.

It’s not often a 90+ year old record gets matched in the NFL, so BreakingT has released a new t-shirt to commemorate the performance.

And before you ask, yes, the shirt is also available in sweatshirt form while you enjoy the South’s final two weeks of cold weather:

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