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NFL Picks Week 13: Run It Back

Week 12 saw the Saints stay atop the NFC behind another dominant defensive performance, now they get another chance to dominate Atlanta. Let’s look at everything Week 13 has in store!

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints once again face the hated Atlanta Falcons after beating them senseless in the Superdome just two weeks ago. Now they face off at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, the Saints’ home away from home, where they embarrassed Atlanta last Thanksgiving just as bad as the beating two weeks ago. The Saints and the fans are ready to see it happen again.

The Saints can't simply do everything they did two weeks ago to pick up another victory over the Falcons, but they have everything they need to run it back and sweep their rivals this season. A loss here would be more than disappointing, more than embarrassing, worse than the disappointment and embarrassment they felt in the first meeting against Atlanta last season. A loss here could derail the Saints’ attempt to hold on to the NFC’s top seed. Sean Payton and the Saints can't allow that to happen this week, and they won't. Let’s take a look at this and all of the NFL action in Week 13.

Last week I went 12-4

I told you so: Titans over Colts!

What do I know: Raiders over Falcons?



Thursday, December 3rd- Thursday Night Football

Rescheduled for Tuesday Night.


Sunday, December 6th - Early Games

Browns(8-3) at Titans(8-3) - Game of the Week

Just because this is the Game of the Week, it doesn't necessarily mean the game will be particularly close in the end. After some mid-season stumbles, the Titans have seemed to gotten themselves back on track and they come into this one with a little more firepower than Cleveland. Both teams will pound the ball on the ground with dominant rushing attacks, but the difference will be the Titans taking advantage of Cleveland’s mistakes while Tennessee make none of their own. Tennessee wins 28-16.

Pick: Titans


Raiders(6-5) at Jets(0-11)

Las Vegas rebounds from their embarrassing loss last week by equally embarrassing the Jets. Las Vegas wins 45-3.

Pick: Raiders


Jaguars(1-10) at Vikings(5-6)

Dalvin Cook will face no resistance from the Jacksonville defense. Minnesota wins 24-12.

Pick: Vikings


Bengals(2-8-1) at Dolphins(7-4)

This one will be surprisingly closer than most would expect, but Miami prevails thanks to a late field goal. Miami wins 31-28.

Pick: Dolphins


Colts(7-4) at Texans(4-7)

Indy’s defense will come up with the stops in the end that Houston’s cannot. Indianapolis wins 24-21.

Pick: Colts


Lions(4-7) at Bears(5-6)

Interim head coach Darrell Bevell won't be able to stop the Lions from another 4th quarter collapse. Chicago wins 24-19.

Pick: Bears


Saints(9-2) at Falcons(4-7)

Although it is unlikely this game unfolds exactly like the one two weeks ago did, the gameplan for the Saints remains the same. That gameplan is to pressure Matt Ryan, relentlessly and aggressively. If the Saints upset the quarterback, this game, just like the two Saints/Falcons games before it, is theirs. The pass rushers have set the table for the rest of the defense, and they will reap many of the benefits in this game.

This Saints defense is on another level right now, and they will be as hyped for this meeting as the last one. When this pass rush eats, the whole team eats, and Saints bellies will be full in this one. As for the offense, don't expect the buttoned down gameplan we witnessed in Denver. Sean Payton knows we need to see more of the offense we saw in the second half of the first meeting against Atlanta. As much as Atlanta knows this too, it’s up to them to do something about it. They took care of a Vegas team that took them lightly, but that won't happen here. Atlanta will score a little more in this meeting, but just a little. Saints win 24-12.

Pick: Saints


Sunday, December 6th - Late Games

Giants(4-7) at Seahawks(7-3)

The Giants won't be able to take advantage of Seattle’s terrible defense in this one. Seattle gets ahead early and never looks back. Seattle wins 39-10.

Pick: Seahawks


Rams(7-4) at Cardinals(6-5)

Ultimately this game will come down to Los Angeles’ offense simply being better than Arizona’s defense, and the Rams will take advantage of that early and often. Los Angeles wins 34-13.

Pick: Rams


Patriots(5-6) at Chargers(3-8)

Cam Newton will have a big game in Los Angeles, keeping the Pats in the playoff hunt. New England wins 31-21.

Pick: Patriots


Eagles(3-7-1) at Packers(8-3)

Mmmm... Did someone say cupcakes? This game, which will likely be Carson Wentz’s last this season, won't be remotely close. Green Bay wins 53-13.

Pick: Packers


Sunday Night Football

Broncos(4-7) at Chiefs(10-1)

Denver may have quarterbacks again, but the result remains the same from a week ago. Kansas City wins 32-9.

Pick: Chiefs


Monday, December 7th - Monday Afternoon Football

Washington FT(4-7) at Steelers(11-0)

Big Ben and company remain unbeaten in this rescheduled contest. Pittsburgh wins 30-12.

Pick: Steelers


Monday, December 7th - Monday Night Football

Bills(8-3) at* 49ers(5-6) - State Farm Stadium - Glendale, Arizona

Thanks to a big night from the passing attack, Buffalo rolls to victory in the Bay Area Arizona desert. Buffalo wins 45-26.

Pick: Bills


Tuesday, December 8th - Tuesday Night Football

Cowboys(3-8) at Ravens(6-5)

With their playoff hopes, and likely their season, on the brink, Baltimore leans heavy on what they do best, running the ball. They will be very successful with that gameplan against the Dallas defense. Baltimore wins 28-18.

Pick: Ravens


That’s how I see Week 13 going down. The Saints can take their winning streak to nine while demoralizing the rival Falcons, which will make this great season even better! Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below!