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Quotes after the Saints sweep of the Falcons include Sean Payton’s thoughts on Taysom’s ball security

Important quotes from after the game.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Sean Payton

On the play-call that resulted in Taysom Hill’s first fumble in the game:

“Well, I don’t like my call there. I think it was on second down. And where we’re at in the game, yeah, I just, every once in a while I’ll have regrets on the situation and that one certainly will be one of them.”

On Taysom’s second fumble:

“That has to get fixed and, look, he’ll start figuring it out, but, yeah, that obviously when we’re in the four minute is real important.”

Taysom Hill

On getting his first career touchdown pass:

“I don’t care as much as people might think about statistics and all the stuff. I care about winning football games. I know there have been a lot of conversations about getting your first touchdown completion, but as long as we’re winning football games, I’m happy.”

On his first “fumble” of the game that went to review:

“I’m obviously disappointed about that play as well, we had points. It was one of those things where I was trying to make a play and really, my thought process was to avoid something bad from happening by just throwing the ball away and in turn, something bad happened. I know that it was reviewed and they said it was a fumble, but my mindset was just try to throw the ball away and give us an opportunity on third down. In hindsight, I obviously wish I would have just taken the sack, kicked the field goal. It would have been big points for us.”

Demario Davis

On how the defense has been playing of late:

“Anybody that’s watched us play knows, like, we’re a very energetic group. We like to play with tons and tons of swag. And the only way that you can show that swag and play with that energy is when you’re making plays. I think it’s a credit to a lot of the guys individually each week that guys are out there trying to make plays. And so, when the ball comes their way, they just try to make it...We’ve just got to keep it going.”

Michael Thomas

On developing chemistry with Taysom Hill:

“[W]hatever he asks for me to do, however he wants me to run it and wherever he needs to be, when my number’s called I’m trying to be there and be exactly where he needs me to be. So, we’ve just been working on that in practice. Like I said, he’s improved week in and week out. Sky’s the limit for him, because he’s the guy that wants to learn and (is) willing to get better. And I love that about him.”

Falcons coach Raheem Morris

On scoring only one touchdown in two games against the Saints:

“I think this team has only given up one touchdown and I can’t tell you how many quarters against a bunch of people. You got to really give the credit to the defense, first. We’ll have to go back and evaluate our stuff like we always do and find out what we can do better to try to be more successful versus this defense. But you really got to give Dennis and his crew and his defense and all those guys over there across the ball a lot of credit.”

On Todd Gurley’s big loss of 7 late in the game:

“Gurley seen the bounce look and he took the bounce look. You don’t really want to take the bounce look in that situation. He did. He reacted as a football player would do. They were able to get him down around his ankles and get a big-time loss and create us in a 4th-and-9 situation.”

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