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Saints 2019 Season in Review: Craig Robertson

Is Craig in the Saints plans for 2020?

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The Saints signed Craig Robertson to a 3 year $5 million contract in 2016. He received a 2 year extension in 2019. This freed up some cap space and makes him expendable in 2020. If cut he would only carry $650,000 in dead cap and free up $1,750,000.

Robertson was a valuable signing in 2016, proving his worth in it as well as the 2017 season. 2018 saw a sharp reduction in production. In 2016 he played in 15 games all as the starter, one missed due to injury and played all 16 games of the 2017, season starting 12 times. In 2018 he played in all 16 games but none as the starter.

2019 showed a very slight uptick in his production, but he has largely been delegated to a backup

His yearly AV scores:





His snap counts on defense also showed marked declines:

2016-970, 93%

2017- 790, 75%

2018-88, 9%

2019-189, 18%

Special teams snap counts made corresponding moves and may be his best value to the team going forward. (Will that be enough).

2016-121, 25%

2017-184, 40%

2018-343, 80%

2019-325, 70%

Craig Robertson, in 2019 recorded 1 interception defending only 1 pass, 22 tackles,16 solo, 2 for a loss, and 2 QB hits. He will also be 32 years of age in 2020. All of which begs the question, will he be in the Saints plans for 2020.