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Drew Brees t-shirts available to recognize remarkable donation contribution

Proceeds to benefit Louisiana charity.

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If you’re not familiar with BreakingT, your one-stop shop for real-time, officially-licensed t-shirts, you should be. Both Canal Street Chronicles and BreakingT have recognized Drew Brees’s incredibly generous donation to the people of Louisiana in response to the Covid-19 outbreak across the state and country.

With this news of Drew and Brittany Brees donating 5 MILLION dollars to local Louisiana charities, BreakingT and CSC are proud to present a t-shirt that memorializes this donation.

These shirts say “5 MILLION REASONS DAT’S OUR QUARTERBACK” to reference Drew’s 5 million dollar donation. You can buy these t-shirts here, but the best news? Proceeds from the shirt will benefit Louisiana Coronavirus Relief Efforts.

A big “thank-you” on behalf of the people of Louisiana to Drew and Brittany Brees, the good folks over at BreakingT, and everyone who buys one of these super awesome t-shirts to help a good cause.