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NFL 2020 draft expected to proceed as planned April 23rd thru 25th 2020

There are however going to be changes.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Rodger Goodell has sent out the following memo to the Saints as well as the rest of the 31 teams.

The NFL’s CEC, (Council Executive Committee) has advised that the Draft go forward April 23-25-2020 as originally scheduled. Because of the Covid-19 reality of today’s times, the following changes are being made. Already know is there will be no public events. Additionally prospects and their families will not attend. Clubs should conduct their draft war rooms away from their facilities and be preparing the technologies to be able to communicate with both other teams and Draft headquarters. Only a limited number of people should be present in said war rooms. The Draft will be televised. So we have this to look forward too next month. There is more legalese in the memo and you can click on the Tweet to bring up the image and read it in it’s entirety. That’s the highlights.