Sean Payton shares what remains on the Saints' offseason checklist


During his conference call with New Orleans media, Coach Payton was asked about his checklist as it pertains to the offseason. Payton mentioned a handful of areas where the teams looks to be focusing.

Special teams has always been a focus in the draft, Special Teams Coordinator Darren Rizzi called day three "Special Teams day" last year ahead of the 2019 draft. The Saints lost a few players that had roles in the coverage core including PJ Williams and AJ Klein. Meanwhile, the retirement of Zach Line is certainly considered a loss in the return game.

Coach Payton also recognized the draft's group of interior offensive linemen while another option for return in Cameron Tom is still available in free agency.

The WR, CB, and LB groups in this year's draft pack talent both at the top and in later rounds. The Saints have taken time to meet with several mid-round linebacker prospects already and look to continue their focus on the WR and CB positions as well.

Payton has also mentioned on a couple of occasions that the team will be looking for a third QB in either the draft or free agency.

When asked for further clarification, The Athletic's Larry Holder also mentioned that the trade market could be a third option for New Orleans to address these areas.