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“Drew Orleans” shirts now available for sale

Thanks to Tom Brady’s suggestions, “Drew Orleans” shirts are now available for sale with proceeds again going to charity.

After Tom Brady was jokingly ridiculed for attempting to trademark “Tompa Bay” and “Tampa Brady,” he joking questioned why Drew Brees never tried to make anything with “Drew Orleans” on it.

That’s a good question.

Now in comes BreakingT, your home for real-time, officially licensed NFL shirts, to save the day, with “Drew Orleans” shirts now available for purchase for Saints fans to rep their city and quarterback all in one phrase. The shirt is available for purchase here, and just like last time, a portion of the proceeds from the shirt will go to 2nd Harvest Food Bank in New Orleans for coronavirus relief efforts.

Thanks again to BreakingT for doing this, and a special “thank-you” to Touchdown Tom for the idea.