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CSC Roundtable: Evaluating Saints QB options in 2020 NFL Draft

The CSC Staff evaluates the incoming class of quarterbacks in the off chance the Saints decide thats the position they want to target in the first round.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The staff at Canal Street Chronicles sat down together to discuss quarterbacks in the year’s draft class. Sure, every fan is going to say that wide receiver, cornerback, linebacker, etc. are more pressing “needs”, and they are probably right.

But, when it comes to the NFL Draft teams always want toset themselves up in a position to draft the Best Player Available. With the Saints (likely/possibly?) only having one more year of Drew Brees at quarterback and Sean Payton saying they will bringing another quarterback at some point it makes sense to keep an eye on the draft. It’s never the pick you want, unless you manage to find a guy who can lead the team for the next 10-15 years.

Here’s what the team here thinks of the top names in this year’s quarterback class:

Quarterback - Joe Burrow

Deuce: “We all agree Burrow is off the table realistically, right? Anyone have some insane theory on how to get him?”

Brenden: “Hack his Instagram and post a pic of him in a gas mask smoking pot?”

Deuce: “Ah, yes, the tried and true draft de-valuator. Worked for Warren Sapp.”

Ross: “I’d say realistically off the table, yes. Pot rules are more lenient now though.”

Nate: “He’s off the table, fosho, but We actually wrote an article about a scenario where they could trade for him a while back (see our old posts).”

Deuce: “On a serious note, in the extreme off chance Burrow does make it to New Orleans I did write up a scouting report on him. Rough draft can be found here.”

Quarterback - Tua Tagovailoa

Deuce: “Yea, not exactly subtle there Nate, but I’ll allow it. Well, like I said Burrow is unlikely, which goes to the next prospect most have at #2 and that’s Tua. This is abit more realistic if you want to make a move, but it’s unlikely he falls to 24.”

Ross: “More realistic for sure, but I’m not sure I see the Saints making that move. Particularly when you’d have to give up some major capital to move for a guy that might not be available to you in the long run.”

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Alabama Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Deuce: “So I take it you’re pretty worried about the medical flags there.”

Ross: “Maybe a bit more than others. Usually it’s a risk I’d be down with if they team was able to do the medical check with their own staff and sign off that way. But in this climate I’m unsure.”

Nate: “I’m not so much worried about Tua’s *current* issues, but what about down the line? Will he need a full replacement and to turn into a Cyborg?”

Andrew: “I’d be willing to take the risk on Tua given how high his ceiling is.”

Chad: “Yeah even if Tua is good for now he’s a liability down the road. Don’t see him lasting long in the NFL.”

Deuce: “So, for those worried about the medicals, does that completely remove him from 1st round consideration for you?”

Andrew: “Oh I’d rather high level potential over long term mediocrity any day. [I’d take him]”

Ross: “No, I just wouldn’t be as willing to give up assets for him assuming you’d move into the top five.”

Nate: “I don’t think it does— but with Drew Brees still on the roster and an exciting QB class coming next year, I’d assume to prioritize other things.”

Quarterback - Justin Herbert

Deuce: “My issue with Hebert is he panics... fast. He mentally unloads under pressure and makes horrid decisions. A lot of quarterbacks can look nice in a clean pocket, but how do they look under duress? I think this is a big failing for him.

Also has lower-mechanic issues that affect accuracy. Now, mechanics can be worked on, just look at many quarterbacks in the NFL vs their college tape. But being skittish worries me.

Not a guy I’d want in the 1st round, but what do y’all think?”

Ross: “A QB I’d be happy with if he takes an unexpected (depending on who you’re talking to) tumble, but not willing to sell the farm for.”

Chad: “Every thing I see has Hebert climbing not dropping. The guy had 3 different head coaches and schemes in three of them and still balled out.”

Ross: “The panicking is something that worries me, too. I don’t know how much that changes with a consistent offense where you can always know where your safety nets are and that they’ll be there. As opposed to a scheme that’s changed year to year as Chad mentioned.

Wonder if that makes a difference, knowing that the offense equips those outlets and there’s consistency there. Not sure. But again, not someone I’d move for without a massive tumble.”

Andrew: “Seth Galina says Herbert is late on a lot of his throws, and we’ve seen the poor accuracy numbers. In general, I just favor QBs who are accurate, understand how to read defenses over the guys who most of their stock is based on physical tools.”

Kade: “I think a lot of folks believe I’m super high on Herbert. I like him, but I like him more in the late first-round. I’ve never said I think he is a top 5-7 talent, but a lot of people do.

Herbert would do well to have a consistent offense, an O-line that gives him time, and a coach who can develop him based on his abilities”

Chad: “I think he is a good value pick at 24 if you are going to pick a QB. I know some of you are high on Love but I don’t think he’s near as accurate as Hebert. Also, while both are mobile, Hebert is more likely to run to escape with his eyes down field and throw the ball. Love is more likely to try to make it happen with his legs. Not a recipe for longevity.”

Quarterback - Jordan Love

Deuce: “Since Chad brought up Love, let’s go ahead and talk him. He’s gotten a lot of hype around Saints social media as a player the fans like. What are the pros/cons you see?”

Ross: “Pros for me come down to his ability to extend plays, he’s got fantastic ball placement on some incredible throws (more on that later), and has a great locker room personality, something Jeff Ireland looks for in his scouting.

Cons: Inconsistency being the biggest thing for me and maybe that had to do with new leadership last season and certainly with losing a ton of starters on offense including 4/5 offensive linemen, but those great throws with fantastic ball placement I mentioned earlier could be immediately followed up but a wild throw into double-coverage or overthrowing someone in the flat.”

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew: “If we were just going off of Love’s 2018 tape, I honestly wouldn’t hate getting him at 24. But he took a big step back this past year. Basically the only time he was accurate was when the targeted receiver had multiple steps of separation.”

Ellias: “What are some of the reasons for the step back? Scheme change, coaching change, more weight on his shoulders, loss of weapons all had a big impact on his play last year.”

Andrew: “That definitely part of it Ellias, but most of it was him pressing. He was pressured more than he was the year before due to him holding the ball longer and I’m pretty sure his receivers dropped the same amount of passes in ‘19 as they did in ‘18

Yeah the Mahomes comp out there is pretty bonkers. Mahomes was dominating his competition. Love was struggling against poor competition.”

Deuce: “Personally I find Love “interesting”, but there would have to be a lot of people gone for me to draft him at 24. There is a lot to like in terms of ceiling, but the floor seems pretty low. Accuracy, timing, touch on passes and decision making are all neutral/negative marks for him right now. Love the athletic ability and arm talent, but how quickly can you mold that. Is one year enough? It’s not like we saw Patrick Mahomes level collegiate success/production, but he did suffer from lack of consistency from what was going on around him.”

Ellias: “Vick touted Lamar for a while, just that running QB stigma caused issues, but Lamar was just as lucky to end up in a good organization wih Greg Roman. He could have gone somewhere else and not looked nearly as good.”

Deuce: “Landing spot is definitely key, so let me throw this point up before moving on to the next QB. Would it work well with Sean Payton?”

Ellias: “Double edged sword, the weight of having to replace a Drew Brees could be enormous. In a recent interview he (Payton) called love a “good arm talent” didn’t sound enthused at all.”

Chad: “Understand the difference between Athletic and Mobile and you’ll see why I like Hebert over Love.”

Quarterbacks - Best of the Rest - Jake Fromm, Jacob Eason, Jalen Hurts

Deuce: “Alright, we’ve covered the big names, but what about the “best of the rest” that are fringe 1st round/2nd round players going by recent mock drafts and various big boards. What do ya’ll think of guys like Fromm, Hurts and Eason?”

Andrew: “Fromm is the definition of a game manager, and I don’t necessarily think that’s always a bad thing. He could be a guy we see stuck around the league a long time as a backup.”

Deuce: “So definitely not a guy you’re taking in the 1st round of the NFL Draft then.”

Chad: “Fromm is a poser, Hurts is good for a Taysom Hill role an Eason I don’t really know much about.”

Andrew: “Eason to me is just Herbert with less experience and athleticism.”

Ellias: “I like Fromm. I think he would be a good balance between exciting and stable if he had to compete with Taysom in a year. Taysom is already the high upside guy.”

Deuce: “Fromm was touted as an incoming Top 10-15 Pick two years ago and then had a really bad year. The same tools for success from two years prior are there. With good coaching, offensive line play and weapons he could return to some level of success. Maybe even a high level of success. Know any place around like that? (I’m definitely not advocating for Fromm at 24.)”

Andrew: “Wouldn’t hate Fromm as a backup to Brees at all if we can grab him in a later round.”

Ellias: “3rd for Fromm? Got Damn 5th? Well last time the Saints had an eye on a Georgia QB in the 5th it was Aaron Murray, and Andy Reid scooped him.”

Ross: “3rd is probably where he’ll go but the “perfect value” the Saints are reportedly looking for in order to draft a QB would be later, I’d imagine.

I’m a fan of Hurts, especially if the Taysom is the next in line talk is true. If you’re going to re-define the offense in that way, I wouldn’t mind a backup that can work in similar environments. Not a fan of Fromm or Eason, but if I had to choose between the two it’s Fromm for me as a nice long-term backup guy in the NFL.”

Andrew: “I think I could see Hurts good-case scenario being Tyrod-Taylor-ish. Very conservative passers and good runners”

Hayden: “Unless the Saints are going to play the Florida Gators 16 times I wouldn't draft Fromm”

Andrew: “Main problem with Fromm is the lack of velocity on deep balls and outs/corners from opposite hashes.

Eason can make some high level throws downfield and on deep dig routes, intermediate stuff when kept clean in the pocket. But if there’s is any semblance of pressure, oof, he was absolutely awful under pressure. Worse than most QBs.”


Andrew: “Should we mention Cole McDonald lol?”