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CSC Interview with Thomas Morstead

Drew Brees pre-game hype speech or Demario Davis? All black jerseys or color rush? Saints punter Thomas Morstead answers the our burning questions.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Morstead has been one of the most consistent players in New Orleans Saints history. Since “ambushing” the Indianapolis Colts with an onside kick in the Super Bowl in his rookie year he has been in the top third of the league in yards per punt ever since.

But safely isolated with his family like the rest of the country, Morstead took some time to chat with Canal Street Chronicles to discuss what he’s doing to pass the time and what he’s most looking forward to once the Covid-19 pandemic passes.

First thing’s first – how is everyone doing? Are you and your family safe and virus-free?

We are doing well. Just hanging out at our house spending all of our time together. We are all safe!

What have you been doing to pass the time in quarantine? What have you been watching on Netflix?

We have just been wearing all the different hats in our kids’ lives. Really we have no time to ourselves except for after bedtime.

My wife and I started watching a crowd sourced show called The Chosen. It’s a great app with eight episodes.

What are you most looking forward to do again once the period of self-isolation and quarantine is over?

I can’t wait to spend time with extended family and friends!

You’ve always been active in the New Orleans community since you first arrived here. Can you tell me about Main Squeeze Monday?

Thank you! Just doing giveaways of smoothies and juices to health care workers. Hoping to do our part to support!

But you’re also on Twitter with the #MoneyVehicleChallenge – what sparked that and what is it?

April is Financial Literacy Month and I was teammates with Jed Collins for a number of years. We always have great conversations about money and the pitfalls that players fall into. I just thought it would be a productive, positive conversation to have publicly, especially with all the time we are spending inside related to coronavirus.

Now that Malcolm Jenkins is back, the only active NFL players from the Super Bowl XLIV team are back together on the Saints again. What was your reaction when you heard the news?

I’m excited to have Malcolm back! He is the epitome of leadership and he will be a great addition to our team.

If you could go back, what is the Saints non-playoff game you would most want to have a do-over with?

I wish we could play the 49ers again during the regular season again at home...

What’s your most prized piece of NFL memorabilia?

My cleats from Super Bowl XLIV.

So Alex Anzalone was great in a short “Who’s Who?” with the Saints roster, so I’ll give you a few. You and Lutz both get hurt. Saints player most likely called on in an emergency as the punter?

Taysom would be emergency Punter. I’m sure that’s surprising.... *laughs* He is good at everything.

Teammate or former teammate who would make the best stand up comedian?

Craig Robertson is our team’s stand up guy.

Saints player most likely to have spent quarantine choreographing their new in-game celebration?

The entire defense is staying ready with turnover celebrations.

Player most likely to not let his kids win in a game of backyard basketball?

Me. I’m not letting my kids win anything!

Wrapping up, let’s do some quick “this” or “that”: Gumbo or etouffee?


Punt downed at the one or lay the wood on a returner?

Punt on the one yard line.

Fake field goal for a score. Would you rather be the quarterback or receiver?

Receiver, but I’m not picky. I would just love to score at some point!

Drew hype or Demario hype?

The duo is synergy!

Lastly: black-on-black or color rush?

Color rush white.

I’ll leave you with this: I’ve heard you have a book coming out next month. Give us the details!

I’m hoping to have book in about a month! Middle School Rules of Thomas Morstead. It will be for children and we’ll be able to release more details as they become available.

A big “thank-you” to Thomas Morstead, for being one of the good guys in the NFL. To fans, teammates, and the media, he’s always there to help. Saints fans, we’re lucky to have him.

What did you think of his answers? Were you surprised Taysom Hill would be the emergency punter? Let us know in the comments. Send me presents.