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2020 NFL live, sort of, Draft Thread

Well it’s finally here. Let’s see just how smooth this virtual draft works out.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Well the draft starts at 7 PM central time for most of us. That’s 8 PM in the Eastern and you’ll have to leave work early on the west coast, 5 PM. As Wallace has posted in his How to Watch Post, you have a choice of ESPN, NFL Network, and ABC for TV viewing. ESPN and NFL Network also have streaming options. Looks like the teams have 10 minutes to make their selections.

But enough of the rehash. The biggest question is will the Saints draft the future replacement for Drew Brees? Will they take one in the first round? Will they trade up to do it? You just know they are going to trade up at some point, right?

The Saints don’t have a second round pick with the trade up for center McCoy in 2019. Gasp, if the player isn’t there at 24, could they trade down? That would take a trading partner and isn’t their normal tendency.

The Draft is being done virtually, from Rodger Goodell’s basement, as well as team staffs, participating from separate locations. The Saints have something special set up for ole Rodger!

Will this run smoothly? We’re about to find out. It is going to be interesting to say the least. The biggest positive is we can finally stop hearing from those ridiculous mocks that pick players for the Saints, you just know aren’t in their plans.

Whether you’re hoping for a QB, LB, O-line, D-line, or maybe that special WR, we are about to find out. The Saints are expected to pick at 24, but history says nothing is certain that will be the case. Well enjoy the show and welcome to the 2020 NFL Draft.